Raymond Strominger Jr., 39, and Angelic Sanders, 29, reportedly dated for a while. And their relationship was described as "turbulent". In 2005 Sanders took out a protection order against Strominger. Allegedly Sanders was the one to break off the relationship and Strominger didn't want to let it go.

Police are now looking for Strominger, he is a suspect in a murder case. On Fri. night the bodies of Angelic Sanders, 29, Delores Taylor, 54, and Martin Richardson, 28, were found. Taylor is the mother of Sanders and Richardson is believed to be a friend of Sanders. Police believe the murders occurred on Wed. night or Thurs morning. The victims were bound and gagged before their murder. Sanders' 7 year old son was also bound but was not physically harmed. The victims were found when Reginald Taylor went to the home, because he hadn't heard from his mother or sister since Wed. When he arrived, the 7 year old managed to open the door. Jealousy is believed to be the motive for the murders. The 7 year old boy has been released to the custody of his father.

As usual, my first thought is of the child. On Wed. night  or Thurs AM he was tied up. Then he either heard or saw the murders of his mother, his grandmother, and a friend. He remained there in the home with their dead bodies- until Fri. night. Through the day and the dark. No food or water. He is 7 years old. Quite old enough to know some of what was happening. Quite old enough to know fear. Quite old enough to feel abandoned when no one came to his aid for 24-48 hrs. And quite old enough to understand his mother's and grandmother's loss. That baby has gone through more than any person should be asked to go through, let alone a child of 7. Sanders had evidently committed some great wrong. She broke off a relationship, and she may have moved on- or at least Strominger must have thought she moved on.

Sanders did what she was supposed to do. When there was problems after the breakup, she got a protection order. I have not really addressed protection orders here. King County in Seattle has described a protection order on their site here:

A Protection Order is a civil court order that you, the petitioner, request from the court to protect you from your abuser, the respondent. The Protection Order can order an abuser/respondent to stop harming you, stop having contact with you, stop contacting you at your work or school, or at your children's school or daycare.

Specifically, the Protection Order can: · Order the respondent to stop doing violent acts. · Order the respondent not to come to your home. · Order the respondent to stop contacting you, or harassing you on the street, by mail, on the phone, at school or at work. · Say who your children can live with for now and when the respondent can visit them. · Order the respondent to get treatment or counseling (this typically happens as a condition of visitation with your children).

Typically a protection order does not order any monitoring of the "respondent". And by applying for the order in civil court, it is not necessary to file charges against the "respondent" in order to get the order. But the only benefit in the order, is that once it is in place, if the "respondent" attempts to get in contact with the "petitioner" the "petitioner" can file charges against the "respondent" if he/she tries to make contact. And indeed that is sometimes enough to stop the interaction between the two persons.

It is dependent on the "petitioner" to report any and all contacts they have from the "respondent". It is dependent on the police officers and courts taking seriously, any violations. And it is dependent on the "respondent" not making an attempt to get a "jump" on the petitioner- preventing them from having enough time to call the police.

But there always those who will be so determined to make contact that they will break that order. And once they break the order, they already know they are in trouble. And if they fail to convince the victim of whatever they are trying to convince her/him of, then of course it often seems to them that it is the victim's fault they are going to get in trouble. Thus greater frustration and control issues. (kind of a circle logic here).


Raymond Strominger had checked himself into a Pennsylvania hotel room. A hotel manager heard him moaning, and called 911. He was unconcious and was taken to a local hospital. It is believed he had a heart attack, he is now on life support. Several guns were also found in the room.


Family members have described Strominger as a "teddy bear". A past employer has stated that he had a strong sense of order, carried the boy's picture in his wallet and went to his ballgames.

But it seems that Strominger may have another history. 2002 he was in court for battery of his ex wife. There was a pretrial agreement in which Strominger was to take several dozen classes on domestic abuse and anger management. In June of 2005 Sanders had sought out a protective order against him saying that he was stalking her and had left a threatening message on her answering machine, but they may have reconciled after that.

Strominger was having financial difficulties, two debts, one of which he due in court today on a debt to a finance company. He had recently left his job, and given up his house for an apartment.

Strominger remains in critical condition.


Not a heart attack, it was an overdose of perscription drugs. He is expected to recover. One of the weapons found in his room matches the caliber of the weapon used in the shooting.



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  1. Molly Richardson said,

    May 21, 2006 at 11:13 pm

    I am the sister of Martin Richardson….

    Unfortunately, there are two child victims here. My 8 year old niece, Martin’s only daughter, misses her daddy very much. My family and I are working hard help her remember the good times with her daddy, and also working hard to ease the fears of a bad man breaking into the house and hurting her like he did him….Detectives said Martin gave this spineless cad one hell of a fight, and i’d believe it…Martin was a football player and no one you’d want to mess with.

    I will be at this coward’s trial every step of the way. I will tell him that he is not only a murderer, but also a thief. He stole my only sibling, he stole the man Angelic deserved to be with, he stole my parents’ only son, he stole the man my niece’s mother was raising a child with, and he stole my niece’s fantastic father. This man was no teddy bear. He is a monster and what he has done will come back to haunt him forever.

    Thank you,
    Molly J. Richardson

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