No complaints

She was a high school teacher with no complaints against her. She was married and had young children. She has been charged with solicitation to murder, rape, first degree, two counts of enticing a child to enter a room or vehicle for immoral purposes and sexual abuse, second degree.

Apparently, a year ago an anonymous note was sent to the County Board of Education. The note alleged that Sharon Linton Rutherford, 30, a ninth grade English teacher was having a sexual relationship with a student. The student was interviewed (it doesn't say who interviewed the student) and no evidence was found for the allegation. A copy of the note was given to school board members and there was no further action.

Two weeks ago a student talked with the school principal and told her of an alleged affair between himself and Rutherford. The principal notified her superintendent and the superintendent and an a representative from the Education Association talked with the student. The superintendent gives this quote: "He told me everything I needed to know, plus some"  At that point, Human Resources and the Sheriff's dept. were called.

It has been alleged there is more than one student involved. It has been reported that she may have had sexual contact with 4 students, the youngest of which is 14. The contacts have been alleged to have taken place in the school, and in various parking lots.

Here is the reason this ended up on my blog. One of the students has alleged that Rutherford asked him to kill her husband. Reportedly he backed out of the plan because he grew to like the husband, who was a coach. Also, he stated to officials that he had stopped the affair, because he had a girlfriend now, and she didn't like it. Also he stated that a relative had found out about it and told him to stop.

The teacher is now on administrative leave for legal reasons.

I have a problem with the school here. First of all, have they learned nothing from the Catholic Church? Reportedly the church also did their own "investigations" of sex abuse of children, and we know how that turned out. I thought that school personnel were mandatory reporters of child abuse. They aren't trained to conduct criminal investigations of sexual abuse as far as I know. Yes, they know their students. But a student might be reluctant to admit something to the school personnel where the teacher works, that they might tell an investigator. And certainly Human Resources and investigators are better trained to talk with sex crime victims, and know what questions to ask and how to ask them. So, dismissing the first note really bothers me. And after the conversation with the principal, they also failed to contact the proper authorities, until the student had been interviewed by two more of their own employees. So the student not only had to tell the principal, he had to tell the superintendent, and the representative of the education ass.- and that is before he ever talked to Human Resources or the sheriff's dept. This would be a potentially embarrassing situation for the sexual assault victim, and he had to tell what happened at least twice before it was ever told to the proper authorities. There is no information if all of the victims were treated in this manner.

The superintendent has indicated that he thinks the students will be ok. I wonder how much training he has received in the issues and recovery of sex assault victims?

The superintendent has shown some concern for the teachers family and he thinks they are suffering from this. And I am sure they are. She asked a student to kill her husband. I feel pretty certain that was a shocker to him! Not to mention the embarrassment he must feel that his wife is being charged with sex crimes against minor children. And I am sure he is very concerned for his children, and trying to protect them from the embarrassment of what their mother is accused of doing. This is the kind of thing that school kids will often cruelly use against a child. I wonder if she never thought of being caught, or never thought of how what she was doing would affect them?



  1. Soobs said,

    April 22, 2006 at 5:02 pm

    Whatever happened to “mandatory reporting?” And another 30 year old woman, soliciting children to meet her disgusting needs. I am awaiting her dianosis of “bipolar disorder” as well. @@

  2. April 22, 2006 at 6:13 pm

    I guess I will never understand anyone, male or female who will look at a child and see a sexual partner. I will grant that by the teen years, some teens will almost look adult. But as soon as they open their mouths, that illusion is destroyed. I think it is the innocence that attracts, but as soon as they take advantage of the innocence, the attraction is destroyed. Or maybe it is the “hero worship” they are attracted to, the way a kid will give unquestioning loyalty to a friend. A child will often look up to an adult who spends time with them and treats them special…….maybe that strokes their ego. Or maybe being with a child makes them feel young. Maybe it is the fact that kids can be so easily manipulated. I don’t know, I really just can’t see the attraction.
    Bipolar disorder is an excuse, not a reason.

  3. Soobs said,

    April 23, 2006 at 2:03 am

    I agree with everything you said. I don’t get the attraction, sexual or not. Teens aren’t always interested in a lot of things most adults are interested in. Has to be a stroking of the ego, or a control issue. Gross, either way.

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