She was 3 years old

Martha Razzo was just 3 years old, the youngest of 3 siblings, she was born just minutes after her twin sister. Martha's "mother" Azul Galeana Penaloza, 22, and mother's boyfriend Jorge Galicia Soto, 22, were in court Tues. where they pleaded not guilty to her murder. Reportedly they lived in the US, and when Martha fell unconscious her grandparents were called. The grandparents drove her across the border into Mexico, in order to take her to a doctor who was a family friend. Allegedly, Penaloza asked her grandparents to drive her daughter to Mexico, be although Penaloza was a legal resident of the US, she didn't have the paperwork to show her status. Martha died in a hospital in Mexico. An autopsy done in Mexico showed she died of cerebral hemorrhage due to blunt force trauma to the head, and it also showed other bruising and possible signs of sexual abuse. It is believed that Martha was assaulted in the mother and boyfriend's home in the US on more than one occasion, and that this was part of an ongoing pattern of abuse. Galeana and Galicia have both been charged with 1st degree murder, and prosecutor's are considering whether to file special circumstances which would make the death penalty a possible sentence. Martha's twin sister and her 5 year old brother are now in the custody of Children's protective services and the grandparents have expressed an interest in gaining custody. The grandparents are also attempting to bring Martha's body back to the US for burial.  (for pictures of Martha and more details, visit the link there called Images: Girl Dies)  The grandparents have made an allegation that the children had been 'tortured' and I have found hints but few details to that. One minute Martha was an adorable little 3 year old. Just a few short hours later, she is dead. It is possible, even perhaps likely that the other two children may have been subjected to the same "pattern of abuse" that Martha was subjected to. It is also possible they saw her last abuse before she was taken to the hospital. Prosecutors have stated the grandparents are not accused of any wrongdoing. Indeed they seem to be caring grandparents and seem to be mourning the child. They drove Martha to get medical care and it is now left up to them to arrange for her burial. How does a parent of an adult child, accept the fact that their child was directly or indirectly responsible for the murder of their grandchild? It is difficult enough to lose a child you love. But to know your own child, the mother of the child you loved, was involved in the child's death must be devastating.   April is Child Abuse Awareness month


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  1. Lorena Marquez said,

    February 24, 2010 at 11:51 pm

    I knew this little girl…. a friend of my mother use to babysitter for like 1 year 1/2
    For some reason i don’t know what happen with the case and i dont know if there was a trial…
    If someone would help me to find out what happen ill very thankfull

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