What happened?

Police announced Sun. that after a short chase, they had stopped a vehicle in Feb. The car was being driven by Karen Denine Bunton, 38, and Tony Holmes, 26, was also present. Bunton told police that the car belonged to her niece, and that she had her neice's permission to drive it, while her niece was in Los Angeles to pursue a musical career. 

During the stop, they found dismembered, skeletal remains in the backseat, then in the trunk.

They have identified the remains as 22 year old Latoya Finley. Finley was reportedly last seen by Bunton and Holmes on Feb. 24 when she told her family that she was going to Los Angeles. She last spoke with her mother on Feb. 23.

According to one detective:

"It's a pretty sad story," Rowland said. "And when we get a chance to tell you, it's pretty disgusting."

According to one article, Bunton and Holmes were suspects in the investigation and were cooperating in the investigation at first, then they stopped.

The case is still being investigated and no charges have been filed about the death yet. Bunton is being held on evading arrest with a motor vehicle. She is also facing charges for pawning a digital camera that belonged to Finley in another county. Holmes has been charged with a theft unrelated to Finley's death.





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First of all, what kind of a person drives around in their cousin's car, with her skeletal remains in it? And it isn't like "out of sight out of mind" as some of the remains were in the back seat. What kind of person dismembers remains? And then pawning her camera?

I am not sure of the details that have been printed. They say the car was stopped in early Feb. and the remains were found then, yet they also say that Finley was last seen on Feb. 24 and talked with her mother on Feb 23. And since they are saying the remains that were found were skeletal, well it takes some time for remains to decompose enough to become skeletal. Not to mention the odor that is attached in the process. I have found some articles from early April that indicate that police were looking for Bunton and Holmes, after they quit cooperating in the investigation into Finley's disappearance. So I suspect the traffic stop was later than in Feb.

Law enforcement is saying that more information will be released, but no matter the reasons or motives the main fact will not change. A 22 year old woman is dead. She wanted to be a musician.


A little clarification- the vehicle stop was last week. The aunt and uncle, Karen Bunton and Tony Holmes have been charged with murder and tampering with evidence. LaToya was buried Wed.


According to the arrest affidavit, a witness has said that Holmes has told him/her that he smothered LaToya for leaking information about Holmes' past. It has been reported that LaToya was murdered on or shortly after Feb. 24.



The story behind the murder, the investigation, the discovery of the remains and the arrest.


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