Do you think men are the only abusers?

A former police prosecutor is facing misdemeanor charges that she assaulted her boyfriend during a domestic dispute last month.

Allegedly, Lisa Censabella was dating another police officer, Robert Pelletier. Reportedly on Mar. 15, they were arguing and she allegedly shoved him. Then she dumped a plate of food on his head. Pelletier reported the incident the next day, and the police officer noticed fresh scratches on Pelletier's head. Allegedly, Censabella has admitted to the shoving and  plate dumping.

According to this article, domestic violence by women is unusual, but isn't rare. Domestic violence where the abuser is a woman makes up about 22 percent of the defendants in DV court cases.

Censabella has been on leave pending the internal investigation into the Mar. incident. She resigned when charges were filed.

Ok, I am human and a female. I admit that my first thought was to wonder just what the guy had done so wrong, that this happened. I mean he had to have done something, right?

But in all seriousness, abusers do come in both sexes. The sex of the person isn't what makes them abusers, it is a need for control over another, a loss of temper, and/or a way to release frustration.

They were both police officers. Both were used to taking control of a situation. Both were accustomed to being in charge. Both had stressful jobs. But, evidently he had more control over himself than she did. Police officer or not, it is not acceptable to use domestic violence in a relationship.

 She may have thought she would win the argument that way. Instead she is out of a job, and facing criminal charges. A federal law prohibits any person convicted of domestic violence from carrying a weapon. So if she is convicted, she cannot carry a weapon and that would make it difficult to work as a police officer. So she may be looking for a different career.


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