Jesse L. Wise's family seemed to be very close. Jesse L. has been called the patriarch of the family. Jesse L. was active in the Federation of Black Cowboys, which introduces inner city youths to horses and black culture at a stable in Queens. His children and grandchildren were also involved in the program. He and his family split their time between two or three homes which included a home in Brooklyn and a horse farm in Virginia where other relatives resided as well as a community in Penn.

Jessie L. Wise and his wife Emily, 64, were in Brooklyn along with a granddaughter, and Emily and the granddaughter left to return to the Pa home about Thurs. Jesse L. had tried to call his family but was never able to reach them. The only person he was able to reach was his grandson, Jesse Jay Wise, 21. Jesse Jay told his grandfather that his grandmother, Emily had left the farm to return to Brooklyn. When they had not arrived in Brooklyn by Wed., Jesse L. was concerned and he contacted a family friend/relative, Sean Adams and asked him to check out the home.

Adams contacted law enforcement and asked them to accompany him to the home. When they arrived, they found Jesse J. at the home with a woman named Angie. Jessie J appeared to be calm, and he left while Adams and the police officer proceeded to check the home. There they found the bodies of grandmother, Emily Wise, 64; aunts Wanda Wise, 45, and Agnes Arlene Wise, 43; and cousins Skyler Wise, 19; Jesse James Wise, 17; and Chance Wise, 5. Most were found in the basement, some piled together, wrapped in sheets and blankets. Upstairs, they found a hammer and a pipe with what appeared to be blood and possibly brain tissue. Other evidence of the horror was found on the walls and furniture. The family appeared to have dead for about 4 days.

An interview with a person who is alleged to be Jessie J. 's girlfriend  Jackie Boots, 16, says that in those 4 days, Jessie J. appeared to be happy. He had taken her to McDonald's for hamburgers a few times and had bought some Pampers for their 11 month old daughter.

Jessie L. had raised his grandson since soon after birth as his son was unable to care for him. The son died last year, leaving the grandson an orphan. There is no mention as to what happened to his mother. Jessie L. was also raising his 5 year old grandson Chance.

Jessie J. was described by at least one person as behaving erratically lately. He allegedly has more than a dozen charges pending against him for other offenses, ranging from vandalism to robbery and assault. Reportedly, he had recently quit his supermarket job.

This story has been well covered in MSM and by other bloggers. The nature of the crime was horrific and the family well enough known that it has received widespread attention.

In my writing this post, I included a lot of information about Jessie L. Wise the "patriarch" of the family as the media is calling him. But he is only part of the story. This appeared to be a fairly large extended family, who seems close. But they may be less well known. I saw a few comments about the little 5 year old Chance, and a brief mention of the grandsons participating in the Cowboy federation, but little appears to be in the media about the other victims. That could be due to neighbors trying to allow the family some privacy in their time of grief, or it could be that they were not known by too many outside the family.

Certainly, Jessie J. may have had some difficulties in his life. There is no mention of what happened to his mother. And he didn't live with his father, instead he lived with his grandparents and did see his father at times. Still there was a large extended family who appeared close and the grandparents appeared close, that often helps to make up for any shortages of parental attention. Jessie J.'s father had died recently, and that will often throw a young adult into some confusion. Jessie L. has been described in the media as the patriarch, but I somehow feel that is a noun that the media has applied to describe his closeness to the rest of the family. Still he appeared to be successful businessman, and it sometimes takes a strong person at the helm to keep an extended family close. That person, no matter how caring and loving, can sometimes be seen by some members as arbitrary. Still, he wasn't killed by Jessie.

Jessie's behavior being described as "erratic" lately draws my attention as well as the criminal charges he was facing which appeared to be mainly within the last couple of years. And with his father's death being last year, I somehow feel that might be significant. I am sure the criminal charges probably drew quite a bit of disapproval from the family, and a family friend has indicated that Jessie J. may have been asked to move from the home recently.

But the things that drew my attention the most, was the girlfriend's description of his behavior in the four days since the grandmother returned to the home and that he was so calm when law enforcement came to the door.

Also, he appeared to be entertaining friends at the bloodstained home, while his families bodies were in the basement. When the family friend and law enforcement arrived they found Jessie there with a friend, and on the day they found the bodies, they also arrested Marvin L. Fitzgerald, 45, at that address on an unrelated assault charge.

There are some similarities here that indicate that this could have been a mental health problem. But I am wondering again. I wonder if there may have been some drug problems. When the grandmother Emily returned to the home, did she walk in on something that was happening in the home? Was Jessie maybe using drugs when she returned?

Optymyst at Look Who's Tattling Now has done an awesome job of keeping up with this tragedy, and you can find her posting here:


An unnamed source says that Jessie J. Wise should have been in prison due to an assault he committed while in jail, and that if the Major on duty at the time had filed charges for that assault, the murders would have been avoided because Wise would have been in the state prison.


Prison officials rebuttal. Very interesting reading.



  1. Lilo said,

    April 17, 2006 at 1:09 pm

    He’s 21, and has a girlfriend that is 16 with a 11 month old child… shouldn’t he have been in jail for statutory rape? Depending on her birthday- she could have only been 14 or 15.

  2. April 17, 2006 at 1:53 pm

    Good point, I was so amazed at the description of his behavior and that he was entertaining in the home, that I hadn’t even picked up on that. .

  3. Lilo said,

    April 18, 2006 at 4:01 am

    I guess it is my one track mind working overtime… I seem to zoom in all those aspects while bypassing the others… I suppose your way of thinking might just be the best companion for my way of thinking, for me. It balances me out a bit.

  4. April 18, 2006 at 4:37 am

    This case is getting so complex that I think you could spend days looking at the different aspects of it.

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