No matter what their age they are still your babies

. One of the worst things that can happen to a parent is to lose a child. It doesn't matter what their age, they are still your baby. No matter how much an adult child might complain about that, it is a fact of life. And children are supposed to bury their parents, not the other way around. When the death comes as at the hand of another, that makes the shock so much harder to bear. The loss of a child is something you never "get over". It is just something you have to learn to accept. One of the worst things that can happen to a child, is to lose a parent at a young age.

John Linkous, 48,  and 41-year-old Christine Linkous were living with her mother while they worked on a house next door where they planned to live. Friday night they left to go next door to work on the home. They were expected to return to make a phone call to their children.

When they didn't return, Christine's mother went next door about 2 am to check on them. She found them shot, in what appears to be a murder suicide.

The weapon possibly used in the shooting has allegedly been identified as belonging to John Linkous. There was a previous history of domestic violence with the couple and John has a previous charge of criminal domestic violence from a 2003 incident.

The shooting is still under investigation and autopsies haven't been completed, but it is thought to be a murder-suicide.

There is no indication as yet on who was the shooter, but either way as a mother, I cannot imagine what this woman is going through. The memory of her baby with a bullet wound is one that she will never forget. And while she is struggling to cope with that memory, there are the children to care for. I don't know their ages, but they will be struggling to accept the loss of parents, and also the reason why the deaths happened. That would be difficult for children of any age.

As I have said before, I don't know why murder-suicides occur. If I had to guess in this case, my guess would be an argument that went too far, and then possibly suicide due to remorse? I always wonder if the shooter ever gives any consideration to the people who are left behind. A mother and children left with all of those questions as to what happened and why. They are the ones left to go on and to cope with what happened.



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