Callie Edmonds, 72, loved her gardening and the bright colorful flowers she grew. She also loved baking and she loved her friends in the neighborhood, one friend mentioned in the article had been friends more than 50 years. Evidently she also loved her grandson, who resided in her home. Callie Edmonds was found in her home early Mon. morning, dead from stab wounds.

Her grandson Donald Keith Anderson, 24, walked two miles to a local jail on early Monday morning, arriving around 2:50 am and told them what he had done and where they could find his grandmother. No real motive has been given for the crime, but a police captain said that "Apparently he had resentment or anger building up within him over various family matters and she just happened to be the target."

Mrs. Edmonds was found on her living room floor, and allegedly she had been stabbed multiple times with a "kitchen utensil.

I understand that life can give us many frustrations. And that often we return home to release that frustration, venting in a place we feel safe, with loved ones who may or may not have been involved in that frustration. Many an argument has been instigated at home, after a bad day at work or other types of frustrating days. But when it starts escalating, you have to walk away. Take a walk, call a friend, clean the house, mow the lawn do something that will help to release that frustration in a way that will not hurt those you love.

A part of me admires the way Anderson must have been raised. He didn't try to cover up, he didn't try to run. He did what was right by walking to the jail and turning himself in. But how I wish he had taken that walk before the murder of his grandmother. Likely he is now wishing the same thing.

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