Three months ago the nation's attention was captured by the death of a new young wife. Brandi Dunn and Scott Dunn had been married less than a year. They were living in Brandi's parent's home, while the parents were on vacation in Calif. According to this article, the home was still scattered by gifts from the wedding.

They were a young, white, couple and the murder was pretty gruesome. Brandi was killed by trauma from a blunt object and allegedly had glass in her hair at the time of her death. After her death, her body was set on fire. The story spread through the mainstream media and the blogger realm, so the details are pretty well known.

On that Jan. 14 morning Scott Dunn called 911 at 7:32 am and told that he returned to his "girlfriend's in-laws' home", and saw a white, blond male beating her. He claimed that he chased the intruder who ran out the back door, and who through a match into the home causing it to explode.

Since then, there have been multiple stories both to law enforcement officers and neighbors. The basic storyline doesn't change, but the details sure do. And some of the evidence doesn't fit the story or stories.

Brandi had a My Space account and so did Scott. Both personal sites have been gone over thoroughly by both the law enforcement and by persons online. From a comment that Brandi left online, it has been surmised that the couple may have been arguing in the days before the murder. However, police have not given a motive for the murder.

It has been a long three months since the murder. Most people who had read the details of the murder and the subsequent disclosures had already theorized that Scott Dunn was lying about the events that occurred that morning. Despite media scrutiny and pressure from the public police had never named a suspect or given any indications as to what happened on this terrible morning. Now they say they suspected Scott all along. And they say they don't believe that anyone else was involved in the murder.

Scott Dunn was arrested Mon. morning after he turned himself in to the state police. He has been arraigned and charged with criminal homicide, abuse of a corpse and three counts of arson.He is in jail, being held without bail.


The arrest wasn't really a surprise as most have been theorizing all along that Scott Dunn had killed Brandi. And some of the shock of the murder has worn off, at least for the public. Yet it is still difficult for me. This was a young couple, no children, still on their "honeymoon" playing house in Brandi's parents home. The excitement from the wedding had likely worn off, but they still didn't seem overburdened with responsibility. Yes they had had an argument, but couples often do at that stage in a marriage. With the excitement over, most couples settle down to learning to share with each other and developing the footing that their marriage would be based on.

Yes, there was possibly some pressure from relatives for them to become more independent. Scott at least was working, so likely it was expected they would get a home of their own at some point. And maybe there is a clue in that argument that was illustrated in the comment Brandi left on My Space. But I cannot imagine any argument or anything that Brandi could have done that was so bad that it would call for her death. Certainly in this three months, everything that was known about her has been scrutinized and nothing has been found.

Could Scott have been tired of marriage so soon? Or was he just set on control, that everything had to go his way including his wife's actions and reactions? Scott had just picked Brandi up that morning from a friend's home at 6:14 am. He called 911 at 7:32 am. So there hadn't been time for an extended argument. The why's of the crime will probably never be known. But I have to say that I wonder if Scott now thinks he won the argument or if he feels he has bettered his circumstances.

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