A lovely lady

There is a lot being said about Sharon Hotchkiss, 47. She was a lovely lady, a hard worker, a great person. Well known and well loved. No she wasn't a city leader, she was a mother, and she held two other jobs, as a waitress and as a certified nurse's aide working with the elderly.
She was found in her apartment, dead possibly from a knife wound.

Police were in touch with her son, Jason Hotchkiss, 21. He told police where to find him, and they have arrested him for the murder of his mother. At the time of his arrest, he was found in possession of his mother's car, a knife and her credit card. There are indications that the two were in a heated argument when the death occurred.

He has been charged with murder, sixth-degree larceny and having a weapon in a motor vehicle.



The impact on this community is going to be huge. She was well known and well loved. The statement was made that this woman was the last one they would expect to be murdered. To compound the shock, is the news that her death came at the hands of her son. With two jobs, she came into contact with a lot of people as she went about her daily activities. So her death will touch on many people.

Jason was not thought to be a "bad" kid. Though there was comment from Sharon's ex boyfriend that indicates he may have gotten into "bad stuff". The ex-boyfriend indicated that Sharon did "everything" for Jason. Still a neighbor said he wasn't a "bad" kid.

Somewhere, there are relatives who have just learned of the loss of Sharon. And that the death occurred at the hands of her son. Besides dealing with the grief over losing Sharon, they will have to be dealing with the question of where they stand. Do they stand on the side of the maximum prosecution of the case, or do they stand with their other relative, on punishment but with compassion. Not an easy decision. A decision that can often split a family as each may take different sides.

What happens in a relationship, what goes so very wrong where a loved one can murder another loved one? I don't have the answer in that. Surely, if we knew something could be done to stop the violence in the home.


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  1. Courtney said,

    May 2, 2008 at 6:18 pm

    Janson was not 21 he was 22 I know this because Sharon was my and my best friend she was loved deeply and is missed greatly but it has been two years now and i still cry everyday and everynight because she is not here. He killed her for drug money and yes he was a bad kid.

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