Parents have a responsibility to their children

From the time children can crawl, they are curious. They are also smart. They will find, finger, chew or, or play with anything that you don't want them to have. And the age of the child doesn't seem to matter, because the older the child, the higher they can reach and the more likely they are to use something to stand on to reach high places.

Two stories tonight, siimiliar yet with some differences.


Laytoya Dixon has been charged with felony murder after her child swallowed crack cocaine and died Sat. Police believe the mother was present when the 2 year old swallowed the cocaine.

Allegedly, the cocaine did not belong to Dixon, and allegedly she is not a drug user. But because the cocaine was present in her home, and because of the child's death she will face charges of murder, possession of cocaine, contributing to the death of a minor and child cruelty.

A seven year old girl is being treated in a hospital after an injury to her leg.

On Sun. she found her father's .45-caliber Glock  in her father's bedroom and ended up shooting herself in the leg. Her twin sister and her father were also in the home at the time of the shooting. The father rushed the little girl to the hospital, and police were called. No charges have been filed as yet, but police say the incident is still under investigation.

Police served a search warrant on the home, and in additon to the .45-caliber Glock, they found a shotgun and a Chinese made SKS assault rifle. The assault rife had been previously reported as stolen in 1998.

Children don't know. They don't have the experience to know that they shouldn't be playing with guns or drugs. To a child, drugs often look like candy, or they are something they have seen others use, and they will try to mimic them.

A gun is what they see on TV or have seen their parents handle, so again the mimic, thinking that they know to handle it.

It is the parents job to make sure that anything that can be detrimental to a child is secured away from them. Drugs (including medication) and guns if you have to have them should be placed in a locked area where children cannot get to them. Additionally, they make trigger locks for most guns. Guns should always be unloaded when a child is in the home.

Both guns and drugs are known hazards for kids. Even if the kids are just visiting, please make sure that child hazards are secured and inaccessible to the children.

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