Abandoned child, possibly more

Janelia Jean-Louis is 3 years old. On Thurs. night a woman saw her being tossed from a vehicle. Janelia told family members a horrific story. She told them that her father Benave Jean-Louis killed her 22-year-old mother, Renose Jean Baptiste. She told that she watched her father cut her mother's clothes off, throw her in the garbage, throw away her shoes and her phone and left her.

Mrs. Baptiste worked at Taco Bell and so did her brother. He says that his sister didn't show up for work.  

Police say the child's statements are very graphic and they believe them to be credible. Neither Mrs. Baptiste nor Benave  Jean-Louis have been located. Their car was located in the parking lot of a hotel near their home. The couple had recently broken up, and were living separately. Family members were able to talk with Jean-Louis by phone, but he did not give them any information about Baptiste.

Police have towed the car and are looking at it for any evidence. They haven't named Jean-Louis as a suspect as yet, but they do want to talk with him.


If the child's claims are true (and I usually tend to believe a child) this father not only killed her mother, he allowed her to watch him throw her out like trash. Then he dumped her out on the street.

Janelia is young, she must have pretty good verbal skills for a child of that age. And while many kids don't remember things from that age, this child most likely will. The picture of her father killing her mother, and then treating her like garbage will most likely be something she will always remember.

I am sure this family is trying to hold it together to help authorities to find Janelia's mother in any way they can. And to try to help Janelia get through this with as little trauma as possible. But can you imagine the strain they are under, hoping the child is wrong, yet so very fearful that she isn't? Hoping that Jean-Louis will call back, yet having to temper their conversations with him, in order to gather as much information as possible for the police?

For the community, she worked at Taco Bell. Her brother works at Taco Bell. She would normally come into contact with a lot of people in a day. Likely, her friends and customers are on edge over the news. Possibly some are in shock or starting to grieve.

I hope that the child was wrong. Yet, I fear she is not.


Bloodstains found in car. Jean-Louis had sold the car. He had spent the night in the hotel, was last seen with a bandage on his arm. Slideshow of photos at the link include photos of the little Janelia.



 Jean-Baptiste and Jean-Louis reportedly were in an argument in the street on the day that they disappeared. Police were called, but did not file an incident report. It has been reported by a travel agency that Jean-Louis may have purchased a ticket to the Dominican Republic from a travel agency in Florida City. Police have not confirmed that information.


DCF caseworkers had removed Janelia and her three siblings from the aunt's custody. The reason why was not disclosed in the article. When it got to court the judge appeared to be upset about their removal and ordered three of the children to be returned to the custody of their aunt immediately. Custody of the fourth child went to her biological father. It is reported that little Janelia has been suffering from nightmares since the disappearance of her mother.


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