Big things vs. little things

Sara McCormick, 32, went out with friends Sat. night. When she came home an argument developed over the fact that she failed to bring home cigarettes to her husband Tyrone Lancaster. The argument developed in a fight with the participants shoving each other. According to Lancaster, McCormick grabbed the gun. A struggle commenced over the sawed off shotgun, until Lancaster got control over it. He then shot his wife in the side.
The shooting was reported to police at 5:45 am Sun.
McCormick was taken to the hospital, where she died Mon. morning following emergency surgery.
Her three young children were in the home at the time of the shooting.

There is no indication in the article, as to whether previous domestic violence was a part of this couple's history. But with an argument over cigarettes, developing to involving the gun. It also doesn't spell out whether either party was drinking alcohol. But I confess, I wonder about both.

Couples have a lot of things in a relationship that can lead to an argument. Financial decisions, children, faithfulness, jealousy, shares of responsibility, the list is endless. And most couples do this without physical violence.

And I confess, I smoke. Being without cigarettes is almost enough to drive me up a wall. I also don't like being woken in the middle of the night, and being without cigarettes too, well that would be enough to drive me crazy. But the usual response woulld be to grab some clothes and go get some then pout for a while.

I don't know what would lead a woman to grab a weapon during an argument, if that is what actually occurred. We are only hearing Lancaster's version of events at this point. There is no indication in the article to say if McCormick was able to present her version before her death.

But again it makes me wonder if Lancaster now thinks it was worth it. Most jails don't allow smoking. He is facing first degree murder charges. (that would make me want to grab a cigarette, right there).

Three young children are without a mother. McCormick's family will be grieving. She had friends, who are most likely shaken by the events.

Even as a smoker, I would have to say, that's too high a price for a cigarette.

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