Another inexplicable murder

Vicki Lynn Hulsey, 45, has told police she was awakened Tues. by a call from the school asking why her adoptive son wasn't in class. About 5 pm on Tues, police got a call from the child's grandmother. Grandmother reported he was "cold to the touch".

Police found the body of the child in an upstairs bedroom, and say that he had been dead for several hours, and had signs of obvious trauma. Responding officers said it was eerie," Trapani said. "The mom was extremely calm, showed no emotion."    

Another comment I found interesting was by a neighbor. "It's just devastating," neighbor Wendy Childress said, adding that the boy's mother "wasn't one to scream and yell or raise her voice. . . . She just seemed like any other protective mother who had rules that needed to be followed."

The child played baseball on a team, and belonged to a "tight-knit group".

Hulsey has been arrested on suspicion of murder in her son's death.

There seems to have been a lot of these lately. Cases where good parents, good spouses, good people suddenly up and commit murder for no known reason and with no apparent warning. Maybe there have always been cases like that, but because they are hitting so close together, we are now noticing them more. Or it could be that more was going on that hasn't been reported as yet.

Was there a previously un-noted or undisclosed mental illness? Was there an attachment problem with the boy, that resulted in problems? Did she "snap" while trying to achieve some type of perfection of perfect home, perfect mother, perfect child? Or was there some other explanation that could explain this senseless death?

Somewhere, there is a grandmother, who likely is grieving over both her child and her grandchild. Most likely trying to cope with the unrealities of what she saw when she found the child.

A community is going to be in shock over this one. Parents trying to explain the unexplainable to their chldren. Coping with their shock and grief, while trying to cope with their own shock. Children, faced with the realities of death in a child their own age, now having to consider their own mortality.

Family and friends, trying to find answers and to adjust their picture of the woman they knew and loved with the murder that she allegedly committed.

And even if all of the questions finally get answered, the fact still remains that a child has been murdered. A loss to the world, as the world will never be able to know what this child would have accomplished if he had lived.

The child's name was Jarod "Jerry" Hulsey. Vicki Hulsey's first words to an officer were "I deserve the death penalty for this,"  And she asked for an officer's gun so she could shoot herself. She admitted she struck and killed him. An officer described her demeanor as "cold and lethargic". When officers tried to interview her further, she refused and asked for legal counsel. Police wouldn't say that Jerry was beaten to death, but according to records there was trauma all over his body. When police asked her what she had hit Jerry with, she said her hand and showed them her right hand which appeared bruised and swollen.

Children's services investigated one claim of abuse in Jan. 2005, but it was unsubstanstiated as there were no visable injuries.

Neighbor reactions, neighbors felt she cared about her son and was a good mother. As one neighbor put it "Nothing adds up."


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  1. Me said,

    June 19, 2008 at 6:13 pm

    Jerry was one of my friends and all the kids used to go outside and play basketball or ride bikes together. Since this happened no one plays with eachother, and most of us havent even talked to each other in a long time. No one lives in the house where Jerry was killed and it gives me the chills to walk by the house.
    I remember seeing vicki being brought out of the house. It was one of the scariest moments of my life. At the first sight of her all the nieghbor hood kids went inside because we couldnt stand to see this person that we once loved, and now hated because she killed one of our closest friends.

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