I have no clue why?

Two children are dead today. They were in a car with their father, who is 54 years of age. According to a witness, he is thought to have doused the vehicle with gasoline and set it on fire. He was found nearby, with burns to his face, hands and legs and was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Police have declined to identify the suspect or the victims at this point.



Somewhere out there, there is likely to be a mother, who has just heard the news that the two children she carried and delivered, and loved are now dead. It is outside the natural order of death. First grandparents, then parents, then self, then children and then their children. There was no long illness to prepare her for an impending death, not that you can really prepare. And it will be compounded by the fact that it wasn't one child, it was both. And it was at the hands of their father.

Other relatives will be finding out about the murders. Then the neighborhood, the friends.

You have to wonder, what the children were thinking as their father was dousing the vehicle. What they thought when the fire started. How much did they suffer?

The father was badly burned. Likely, police will get some idea from him, if he was burned in the flashback, or if he had changed his mind and was attempting to get the children out, or if he was attempting to join them. But that still won't answer the question of why? Why would a father, deliberately murder his two children? Why would he subject them to the pain and suffering of a fire?

We, of course, have no way of knowing. As revenge for their mother? Certainly, a fire would assure that she would never see them again as she remembers them. But, did he not think of them at all, at what they would go through?

Or, I have read that a controlling parent who is depressed, may not want his family to suffer from his own death, so decides to take them with him. Certainly children suffer at the loss of a parent. But, that is something that children usually will work through with time. If left alone, they will grow and go on with their own lives.

Or, is it that they do not want to live themselves, but cannot stand the thought that someday, they may find another father figure? Someone to replace him in their lives?

I don't have a clue. All I know, is that these two children were not given a chance to grow up. And I cannot bear to think of what they must have suffered.


The father is being booked. He has now been identified as Dae Kwon Yun, 54. The two children were eleven-year-old Ashley and 10-year-old Alexander. According to the articles I have seen Yun may have been despondent over the ending of their marriage, and according to his wife…may have been despondent over a gambling debt. The couple had been separated about two weeks, and Yun was living out of his car.

Yun picked the kids up on Sun. and was expected to return them after seeing a movie. According to witnesses at the scene, Yun had forced the two children into the car, and set it on fire with him inside. As the fire burned, he opened the door and rolled out.


Father being booked on two charges of murder. This article says the murders were prompted by a custody dispute.


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  1. Steve said,

    April 4, 2006 at 10:13 am

    That has got to be the saddest story I have read, it is plain sick to realize how far some people can slip down. And as sick as that was you have to wonder if somehow the father actually thought he was saving his children. It seems like he planned to die with them but then opted out.

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