“He killed us both”

Those were the words of Karen Schroeder Martin, 54, Fri. morning. They were prophetic.

At 6:37 am a caller with a male voice called in to the 911 dispatchers, telling them there had been a shooting and the address. The call lasted only 26 seconds and then disconnected. Dispatchers called back and the phone was answered by Karen Schroeder-Martin. She told that her husband Joe Martin, 65, had been depressed for weeks. That she had been sleeping, when her husband shot her. That he was lying on the floor moaning.

Police broke into the home with weapons drawn. But by the time they arrived, Joe Martin was dead. Karen Schroeder-Martin was still alive and was rushed to the hospital, but died following surgery.

http://news.cincypost.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060401/NEWS01/604010382 (Partial transcript of the 911 call at link)


What can I say? I understand depression, for I have suffered the effects. I understand the need, the compulsion to end the hopelessness and despair of a person's life when suffering from a major depression.

But I cannot understand what would drive a person to not only end their own life, but also the life of another.

Depression is a real illness. Studies show it often has a biological origin. There are therapys and medications to treat depression. If you know of someone  who is suffering from depression, strongly encourage them to seek treatment. If need be help them search out a doctor or therapist, and help them make an appointment if necessary.

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