Tragic but bizarre

The funeral home recieved a call from Patrick Zurkowski to pick-up a body at his home. Now I am no expert, but I believe that funeral homes have to have permission from someone in order to pick up a body from a private home. So they contacted police and police went to the home. There they found the body of 40 year old June Zurkowski under a blanket.

Autorities aren't clear if she died from lacerations in her throat, or from the blood pooled in her stomach and lungs. But they do know the murder weapon. It was a ceramic candy dish, shaped like an Easter Bunny. A piece of the dish was found in June's throat at the autopsy. They believe that the candy dish was shoved down her throat.

Police say that Patrick is not cooperating in the investigation, and he had to be tazed twice to get him away from the murder scene. He has been charged with the murder of his wife.

No matter how bizarre the circumstances of the murder, the result is still the tragic loss of a life. I am not seeing much information about the family or the victim. The only thing that is readily apparent, is that another person in a home, took the life of the person he married, the person he promised to love and honor and cherish until death do them part.

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