“Marital Duties”

Believe it or not, marital duties aren't mandatory. A wife still maintains the right to say yes or no to sex. At times, some men seem to have some difficulty with that idea.

This is one of those occasions where the identity of the suspect is being withheld, in order to protect the victim. As a result of that, instead of names I will just be using husband and wife.

Wife has reported to police that in the past she has wakened about 30 times to find that her husband was having sex with her. She alleges that she is an  "an extremely hard sleeper," and that he sometimes had to pull her out of bed to wake her up in the morning, according to the affidavit.

She alleges that she has confronted husband several times and told him that she felt that was rape and that she wanted it to stop. Wife has told police that on Mar. 7th, she awoke in the middle of the night to find husband having sex with her again "without her knowlege or permission". Allegedly it was especially troublesome, because their child was in the bed with them.

At some point, she told husband she was leaving and he attempted to stop her. Husband allegedlly grabbed her by the wrists and pushed her down the stairs of their home. Husband was arrested for harrassment charges as a result of these actions.

While incarcerated, wife confronted husband about the fact that he had sex with her while she was asleep, and husband told her he "was sick". He admitted he was wrong and apoligized. Sexual assault charges have been filed. Husband has also admitted to police that on Mar. 4, he took pictures of his wife while she was nude and asleep.



I may have been reading true crime too long. I am actually wondering about whether this guy may have the fetish known as necrophilia, an erotic attraction to dead bodies or sexual contact with corpse's. Or maybe not, maybe he is just one of those men that seem to feel that after a woman says "I do" that it is their devine right, anytime and anywhere they please. Even after marriage, a wife retains the right to consent to or refuse to have sex. And they are protected by law.

Tragic but bizarre

The funeral home recieved a call from Patrick Zurkowski to pick-up a body at his home. Now I am no expert, but I believe that funeral homes have to have permission from someone in order to pick up a body from a private home. So they contacted police and police went to the home. There they found the body of 40 year old June Zurkowski under a blanket.

Autorities aren't clear if she died from lacerations in her throat, or from the blood pooled in her stomach and lungs. But they do know the murder weapon. It was a ceramic candy dish, shaped like an Easter Bunny. A piece of the dish was found in June's throat at the autopsy. They believe that the candy dish was shoved down her throat.

Police say that Patrick is not cooperating in the investigation, and he had to be tazed twice to get him away from the murder scene. He has been charged with the murder of his wife.



No matter how bizarre the circumstances of the murder, the result is still the tragic loss of a life. I am not seeing much information about the family or the victim. The only thing that is readily apparent, is that another person in a home, took the life of the person he married, the person he promised to love and honor and cherish until death do them part.

What is left are too many questions

Police were called to do a well being check at the home of Ronald Bowens, 42, and his wife Tamara, age 40. A relative of the family had been trying to reach them to advise them that their son had committed suicide in a Fla. hotel room.

Someone called the post office where Tamara worked a week ago, and said she had been in an auto accident and wouldn't be coming back. They hadn't heard from her since that time.

Then Laron C. Bowens, 22, was found in the Fla. motel room. He did not leave a note. Relatives trying to make contact with them were unable to do so.

Police found Ronald and Tamara Bowens bodies along with the body of their 18 year old daughter Tyesa on the second level of their home.  The last time they had been seen alive was on Mar. 22, the day before Laron flew to Fla.

Police say that evidence indicates that Lyron Bowens shot his parents and sister before he left. A gun was found in his hotel room of the same caliber that was used on his parents, but police indicate that tests have not yet been completed that would prove that it was murder weapon.

The motive hasn't been determined as yet, though it is  thought that Tamara had been pressuring her son to find a job and become more religious.




What could lead a kid to shoot his parents and his sister and take his own life? Likely, it will never be known as he did not leave a note before committing suicide.

Certainly it wouldn't be unusual for a parent to urge a grown child to get a job and become more independent. And this wouldn't be the first family who encouraged their child to become active with a family church. But at 22, he couldn't be forced to do so.

Neighbors have stated that the family kept to themselves. Tamara worked at a post office, Ronald worked in construction and as a mechanic. Tyesa had been an outstanding high school student, and was attending college.

Is that a clue? The fact that his sister was achieving and he was being urged to get a job? Unfortunately we may never know. When a family is murdered, too often all that is left is the grief and the questions.