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Randall Ferguson’s body was found in the trunk of his car March 24. On Mar. 23 his wife Angela Marie Ferguson, 39,  had reported Randall missing. She claimed that they had argued on Mar. 22 and he left the home and didn’t return. On Mar. 23 she reported him missing. On Mar. 28 his wife Angela talked with area newspapers and told of his virtues. She told of what a good husband and father he was. She told of how much she was going to miss him. Less than an hour later, she was arrested for his murder.

Reportedly, at first she denied any involvement to investigator’s. But after being confronted with  blood evidence and a shell casing found in the home on Mar. 28, Angela began talking with them. She told of a long argument with Randall over “family matters”. She told of how during the argument she had gotten the gun out of the trunk of the family car, and threatening her husband with it. She told that it went off unexpectedly and that the shot to Randall’s head was an accident. She told that she woke her 19 year old son, to help her dispose of her husband’s body. She told that she didn’t remember the second shot to put Randall “out of his misery”. She said that was her son’s idea, but Walz denies that. Charles (Claud) Walz has been charged with a misdemeanor for helping to dispose of Randall’s body.

The couple had been married for 5 years. They had at least one 4 year old little girl together, though Angela was the mother to 5 children. The 4 year old is now in the care of relatives.


I learned to shoot a gun long ago. I was wisely counseled at that time, to never pull a gun, to never even show a gun, unless I intended to pull the trigger. To pull a gun, and not pull the trigger, means that I could be in danger of having the gun wrestled from me, and used on me. Not to mention that just pulling the gun was illegal, and that charges could be filed, even if the trigger was never pulled.

This wife and mother, walked outside to get the gun. She brought it in, and aimed the gun. It “accidently” went off striking Randall, the “good husband and father”, in the head. And rather than call for an ambulance, a second shot was fired, to put him “out of his misery”.

She not only shot her husband, she involved her son in the murder. Then instead of calling for assistance, she shot him again. Then she tried to cover it all up by reporting him missing.

Her family must be in turmoil. She had 5 children. They will all be coping with the death of Randall, and their feelings over that. Their mother will now be going to trial and standing charges for murder. And at least the little 4 year old, is basically an orphan. As if coping with the death of your father at such a young age is not bad enough, at some point she will have to become aware that her father’s death, came at her mother’s hands.  

Whatever happened to walking away when an argument started getting to hard for you to handle? What ever happened to talking a walk, or finding something active to do to help you get your rage under control? Whatever happened to calling someone to vent, and get your feelings of rage out in the open? Whatever happened to a divorce, when you began to feel it was time for a marriage to end?

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The weekly Carnival is up, and is at T. O. on Crime this week. In case you have never been there, he is a wonderful writer, and really has a way with words. His focus is mainly on Canada, but with the extended border between the US and Canada and since crimes can be so similiar no matter where they are committed, it is a blog well worth reading. So stop over and check out the samples of my fellow bloggers, and while you are there, do some reading on his articles. Very well worth the trip.


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Missing under suspicious circumstances

Frank, 53,  and Teresa, 51, Schilt are missing persons under suspicious circumstances.

Teresa was last seen on Feb. 24, 2006 when she reportedly left for a trip to either Cleveland, Ohio, Chiago, Illinois and or Dallas, Texas. Authorities confirm that she is not known to have arrived at any of those destinations. She was reported missing by her employer when she did not show up for work. That apparently was out of character for her.

Teresa was a girl scout leader for 10 years.

"She's always there, she's always on top of everything," says Fina Romero, a girl scout.

Frank Schilt was reportedly last seen on March 14, 2006 when he reportedly left for a job interview in Little Rock, Ark.

The disappearances are two and a half weeks apart. Neither have been seen or heard from since their last sighting. There is no known criminal or domestic violence history for the couple. Police have searched the home, but have declined to say what they have found.

What makes this a possible domestic related crime? At this point, because they left behind a teenage daughter along with two adult children. The teen is being cared for by relatives.

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My heart goes out to those kids, especially that teen daughter. Suddenly, their lives are torn apart. Both parents missing, and I am sure they fear the reason why. Suddenly they are thrown into that limbo that exists when loved ones go missing. Are they orphans or have they been abandoned. Or worse. They don't know whether to fear for their parents safety, mourn their deaths, or be angry about being abandoned. And I am sure they fear the reasons why.  It is said that God doesn't give us a heavier burden than we can bear. But how do you cope with a burden like that at such a young age?

A lot is being said about Teresa. She was on top of things, it was unusual and out of character for her not to report for work. Her girl scout troop misses her badly.

But suprisingly little is being said about Frank.


They tracked Frank from Colorado to Conway, then to Dallas, to Tennessee and back to Arkansas and now have him in custody. They quite literally found him with a noose tied to a tree, and he was getting ready to commit suicide.

Frank states he put his wife on a bus and that was the last he saw of her. But he did admit that he had borrowed money from an inheritance of his wife's, and that they  had argued about it. Still no sightings of Teresa.


Frank Schilt now charged with the murder of his wife, and the attempted murder of his 15 year old daughter. No details are being released about the attempted murder at this time.


He confessed. The events. Still no info on the attempted murder of his daughter.