Till Death Do Us Part

Steve Huff is interviewing one of the co-author's of a book called Till Death Do Us Part: Love, Marriage, and the Mind of the Killer Spouse. It is co-written by Dr. Robi Ludwig and Matt Birkbeck. As you can see, this book is about some of the issue's dealt with in this blog. I have read one other of Matt Birkbeck's book's and have seen his posts in a forum and participated in a group chat with him. He is a great author. Steve has read the book, and has mentioned the book a couple of times on his blog. According to Steve the book is very readable, and is written to be understood by us "laypersons". He has an interview up with Dr. Ludwig on his blog, and if you are interested in domestic related crimes, I highly reccomend reading the post. Personally, just from the post that Steve put up, it has made my wish list. I will be looking for the book.





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