For no apparent reason

Neil J. Lofquist, 40, is a father. He taught sunday School at the Presbyterian church. Sunday night he offered to put the kids to bed, and his wife, Lisa, went downstairs. Their 6 year old son went to bed. Lofquist then strangled and stabbed 8-year-old daughter, Lauren, in the neck and  drowned her in the toilet.

Lufquist then went downstairs and went to a neighbors, who say he told them that they had called him. They say he appeared confused and disoriented. They told him to go home. Lufquist went home, and showed his wife some minor injuries on his hand, asked her to get a neighbor to babysit Lauren, and she and the son drove him to the hospital for treatment. The neighbor got a call from the mother Lisa, asking her to check on Lauren. The neighbor found Lauren in the bathroom. She says her body was already turning cold and blue when she found her. Lufquist had evidently said some things at the hospital, which made them fear for Lauren.

 “He started making statements about Lauren’s death, and I think it was at that point that Lisa wasn’t quite sure if he was hallucinating or if something indeed happened,” she said

Hospital workers contacted police and asked them to do welfare check of the home. When police arrived, they found the neighbor doing CPR on Lauren.

Lufquist’s mother indicated she had spoken with him the day before, and “everything appeared great”. She indicated there had been no previous history of mental illness.

Department of Children and Family Services indicated they had not had previous contact with the family. One of the neighbors indicated that the family appeared to be happy, another said they appeared  “incredibly loving, very friendly and outgoing”.
. They had been living in the neighborhood about 6 years.

Lufquist has been charged with first degree murder. A psychiatric forensic exam is being requested for Lufquist. No motive is known for the murder.

Again, another family murder. This time a little 8 year old girl. A mother without her little girl. She carried her for 9 months, and raised her for 8 years. In an instant she is gone. All she has left of her are the memories and  the knowlege that she was slain by her husband, the little girl’s father.

A little boy, who will not be able to understand why his father put him to bed, then murdered his sister. He has lost not only his sister, but he has effectively lost  his father also. Nothing is being said about what he heard or saw.

The neighbor will probably always have the picture of what she saw, engraved on her mind. Yet she is thinking of the child’s mother.

The neighborhood is stunned.  The police chief says they are “bewildered”. The EMS staff is getting counseling. Parents are trying to decide how to tell their children. What do you say to an 8 year old playmate, how do you tell them that not only is their playmate dead, but she is dead at her father’s hands?

This family had roots in the community. They were educated, the mother was an occupational therapist and the father had his MBA. He had had two pottery shops, which he closed, and he was currently working in insurance. The family is being described as very close and loving.

No one has any answers and know one knows why.

I don’t care how old your kids are. Give them an extra hug or at least a call tonight.


In court it was said that Lufquist thought his daughter was the devil, and that the world would end if she didn’t die.

Now it is being said that Lufquist had exhibited several incidents of erratic behavior in the neighborhood recently.

If someone in your life starts showing erratic behavior, or sudden rages, or  uncharacteristic behavior please get them to a doctor or hospital. If they refuse to go then get yourself to a place of safety until they can be persauded to go. Not because you don’t love them, but because you do. This is for their benefit as well as yours. Often these problems can be treated with medications. But only a trained professional can evaluate and determine what the problem is and what is needed.


A Grand Jury has returned an indictment which adds two new counts of predatory criminal sexual assault to the murder charges.

Allegedly Lofquist sexually assaulted his daughter in her bedroom before he killed her.


Authorities say that Neil Lofquist attempted suicide on Monday. They state that Lofquist was working on the weight machine, when he climbed to the top of it, then dived off, headfirst into the floor.



  1. Diane said,

    July 8, 2006 at 12:52 am

    To Whom It may concern,

    Please remember that the coroners report said that there was NO EVIDENCE of any kind of sexual assult on L:auren Lofquist. It is bad enough that she was killed by her father and what that means to all the family members involved. It is horrific. Let’s not add any more truama to Lisa, Lars and the other family members with unfounded and unsubsantiated accusations.

  2. July 8, 2006 at 1:42 am

    Thank you for that information Diane. Is there any indication that the prosecutor is going to drop two counts of predatory sexual abuse charges?

  3. Jenn said,

    June 17, 2008 at 1:25 am

    Whatever happened to this case? The suicide attempt is the last information I can find on it. Was he convicted? Of sexual assault also?

    You know, sometimes people just go crazy. That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be removed from society (permanently), but… It happens sometimes.

  4. June 17, 2008 at 4:55 am

    I found a pay article from Jan. that says

    1.) No end for Lofquist case two years later – Doings, The (Hinsdale, IL) [January 8, 2008]
    Author: Ashley Saluga STAFF WRITER

    They are talking a death penalty case, and I believe there were some changes in the defense attorneys so that could help explain the fact that there are no indications of a trial yet.

  5. Paul Dobroski said,

    March 26, 2009 at 7:20 pm

    Three years ago today, Lauren was taken from this world. Please remember her in your thoughts and prayers. If you live in DuPage county, contact Joe Birkett and request for more movement on the case. At this point, it is unlikely to be resolved even before the four year anniversary.

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