Sometimes it is odd

The events that lead up to domestic violence can be very odd. Sometimes they are something major. Sometimes they are not.

Have you seen the recent commercial in which some parents react in horror because their children are texting? I don't know if that has anything to do with the following story, but I have to admit I wondered.

Althea Asbury has been arrested for stabbing  her daughter Jamie Blair, 21, as the result of a dispute over a cell phone. Some articles say that the mother was fighting back after her daughter bit her.

Both women are facing charges.

Come on people, over a cell phone? I know, and I think you all do too, that it is likely that events led up to this that were most likely not related to a cell phone. But when arguments start escalating, it is time to separate!

You will notice that one of the articles I linked to, chose not to name the perpetrator or the victim (whichever is which). I almost passed on the article for that reason. Then I got to thinking. They were both adults. They have both been charged with crimes. And part of being adults is taking responsibility for your own actions. So here ya go!

What kind of a relationship could this mother and daughter have had, that resulted in a biting, stabbing fight? And how will this affect the rest of their family? I mean if they would happen to disagree with somebody's version of these events, would they even dare to say so?

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