We want to believe in the best of our children

We want to believe that our children would not commit crimes. If they do make a "mistake" we want to believe they will pay for their crimes and learn from them. We want to believe our children love us, and know how much we love them. We want to believe our children will listen to us, and learn from our experience of life. We want to believe in the best of our children.

Eva Capozzollo picked her son, Frederico Rivas, 26, up from jail about noon. He had been convicted of battery on a police officer, he spent 20 days in jail and was sentenced to probation and community service. Eight hours after returning home, there was a dispute possibly over a car. According to a neighbor, Rivas was not allowed to drive his mother's car.

Another neighbor saw at least part of the dispute. He heard loud voices, and saw Rivas snatch the car keys from his mother's hands. He got into the vehicle, and his mother and grandmother, Rosa Capozzollo, were standing at the open door. Rivas started the car and began backing out of the drive. As his mother and grandmother were standing in the open door, they were dragged down the drive. Neighbors heard the screams, and saw Rivas back around his fallen mother and grandmother and leave. He returned minutes later. The grandmother Rosa Capozzollo died. Rivas, has been arrested for the murder of his grandmother, and the attempted murder of his mother.

According to a neighbor, this isn't the first dispute that occurred.


Love your kids with all your heart and soul. But never allow that love to blind you looking at your child honestly. Likely, Rivas didn't set out to kill his grandmother, or his mother. Likely, he lost his temper. But that is all it takes.


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  1. March 26, 2006 at 4:41 pm

    Yeah, another one in my neck of the woods. It is surprising his sentence was so light to begin with. Not sure if he had taken classes on anger management either. For battery on a police officer, you would think that the punishment would be stiffer.

    It is very sad about the grandmother and for the mother. You want to believe your children would learn from their mistakes and be happy to have a home to come to. You are right, you can not be blind to what some can be capable of, your own flesh in blood or not. I would think that the mother and grandmother knew how bad his temper was.

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