Drug addiction

Three boys had a rough life. They were aged 3,2, and 3 months. They were born addicted to methodone. Their mother 32-year-old Autum Skiles was addicted to Vicodin. She was attempting to get free of that addiction, by treatment with methodone. However, she became addicted to the methodone. Their father Jesus Flores was in jail, serving time for driving with a suspended license. So they were all living with Paul Laurence.

One day last week, police knocked on the door, they were looking Paul Laurence, as a part of an investigation for forgery. What they found in the home were the mother and the three children, wearing dirty diapers and surrounded by spoiled food. They filed charges of neglect on the mother.

After speaking with the mother’s relatives, they learned more about the mother and more charges were filed. Charges of baby selling.

It seems that the mother was making arrangements with 30-year-old Christopher Henson to buy her boys. Henson would pay for her methodone at the clinic, and Henson would take her kids. Henson was also charged, with child buying. According to Henson, he and his wife were unable to have children, and his wife was totally unaware of the purchase. Reportedly a fellow addict at the clinic had put Skiles into contact wtih Henson. Reportedly Henson was also heavily addicted to the drug.

Laurence was later arrested- accused of writing bad checks to a grocery store.

The local children’s services now have custody of the children, who have been placed with responsible family members. They decline to say if the agency had contact with the family in the past.

Methodone is a drug used to treat chronic pain, and in treating addiction to heroin and other legal or illegal drugs. It calms the craving for the drugs, but over time a person can become addicted to the methodone. According to Dr. Alan Schmetzer, addiction psychiatrist at the Midtown Community Mental Health Center in Indianapolis and a professor of psychiatry at the Indiana University School of Medicine at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

“If you’re addicted to opiates, they’re downers that are going to make you drowsy and less motivated, and would make it hard to keep up with things,” Schmetzer said. “If someone was actively using methadone, I’d be very concerned about their ability to take care of their children.”

He also said that he had never heard of a person who was addicted to methodone that tried to sell their kids.


I’m glad the kids are out of there. Drug addiction is powerful. People usually start out, using the drug recreationally. They don’t intend for it to take over their lives. But it can and does. Once the addiction is there, the drug becomes the most important thing in the persons life. More important than a job or a family. And while under the influence of a drug, that person is out of control. Sometimes it can lead them to violence, or to just being unable to cope with the world around them. And the money needed to care for a family, gets diverted to the drug of choice.



  1. March 26, 2006 at 4:54 pm

    My heart breaks for the children. I had a lifelong friend die several years ago from his addiction to Methodone. The studies from above are correct and so many people do not realize that. It was a very sad situation for all of us to see him go down hill so rapidly, until an accidental overdose. He was in his early 50’s and once was a police officer. Due to a back injury the pain meds went to methodone, and so forth.

    It is still very difficult for me to understand a mother willing to sell her children. Just can’t wrap my head around it. I have no idea once she ever gets sober, how she will be able to live with herself. It also makes you wonder about this Henson guy what his true motives were behind getting these children. I can’t help but be suspicious these days especially with him doing drugs too.

  2. Soobs said,

    March 26, 2006 at 7:51 pm

    I checked Henson on the sex offender site, because…….well, I can’t imagine a reason a man would want to “buy” children, and not even tell his wife. And we’ve seen cases recently, of certain men wanting to adopt, then getting caught in child porn investigations. Anyway, he wasn’t listed, but when I looked at the map for Franklin, Indiana………I’m still in shock at the number of sex offenders living and working, in that one area.

  3. July 15, 2009 at 1:43 am

    Drug addiction is a behavior disorder characterized by drug-seeking behavior and the use of drugs for other than medical indications.


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