It happens to nice people

Herbert Levi Sharpe Jr., 51, had a "nice" family. They are being described as "a close family, good, hard working, Christian. Not the type of family you would normally expect to end up on the front page of a paper.

A 911 call made from the address on Sat. around 5 am from a female in distress and hysterical. Soon afterward, calls came in from neighbors who reported hearing screams.  Herbert Sharpe made it out of the home, he collapsed on a neighbor's steps. He was able to talk with police, but was later pronounced dead at the hospital. Another victim was found in their yard. In the home, police found signs of a struggle. Sharpe's 25 year old daughter Angel Janel Jackson, was also found fatally wounded. Sharpe's 48-year-old wife, Blondene Sharpe, and their 19-year-old son, Bryant Sharpe were found injured. They were in stable condition last night. All four members suffered from multiple stab wounds.

A nephew of Blondene Sharpe, Jason Andrew James, 20, turned himself in to the police station Sat. night. According to an investigator, James also came from a nice family. James was described as a nice kid. A cousin of the family, has told that he wasn't working and had been staying with the family, but had been told yesterday that he was going to have to leave.!news&s=1045855934842

This one is going to be tough for everyone involved. The loss of a father and a daughter. Not just brutally murdered, but murdered by a family member. Someone they had evidently been trying to help. The wife and son will be trying to cope, not only with their injuries, but will also have to cope with the loss of their husband/father and their daughter/sister. And they will also be coping with the shock that these atrocities were committed by someone they cared for. And looming over that will be the trial, of that person.

Other family members, will also be trying to come to tems with it. One set of parents will be trying to come to terms with their brother-in-law's and neice's brutal murder, and still trying to come to terms with the fact that it was their child who committed the murder. Other relative's will also be coming to terms with the facts. Often in this type of situation, the families will split, due to the pressure.

The neighbors here seem to be fairly close. Many of them woke to the screams, or some to the presence of police and news crews. As one neighbor described it:

Terence Green, who lives a half-dozen houses away, said he didn't realize what had happened until he walked out about 7 a.m. to retrieve his newspaper and found a TV news crew parked in his driveway. "The weird thing is, we didn't hear anything," he said.

"You get your newspaper to read the news, not to be part of it."

From the way the article described it there was quite a bit of "blood evidence" left in the neighborhood. The knowlege of the crimes that took place in their neighborhood would be shocking enough. But they also have to contend with the memories of their streets stained with the results.

It can, and does happen to nice people. It can and does reach out into the community, and it can and does have long lasting results.


We want to believe in the best of our children

We want to believe that our children would not commit crimes. If they do make a "mistake" we want to believe they will pay for their crimes and learn from them. We want to believe our children love us, and know how much we love them. We want to believe our children will listen to us, and learn from our experience of life. We want to believe in the best of our children.

Eva Capozzollo picked her son, Frederico Rivas, 26, up from jail about noon. He had been convicted of battery on a police officer, he spent 20 days in jail and was sentenced to probation and community service. Eight hours after returning home, there was a dispute possibly over a car. According to a neighbor, Rivas was not allowed to drive his mother's car.

Another neighbor saw at least part of the dispute. He heard loud voices, and saw Rivas snatch the car keys from his mother's hands. He got into the vehicle, and his mother and grandmother, Rosa Capozzollo, were standing at the open door. Rivas started the car and began backing out of the drive. As his mother and grandmother were standing in the open door, they were dragged down the drive. Neighbors heard the screams, and saw Rivas back around his fallen mother and grandmother and leave. He returned minutes later. The grandmother Rosa Capozzollo died. Rivas, has been arrested for the murder of his grandmother, and the attempted murder of his mother.

According to a neighbor, this isn't the first dispute that occurred.

Love your kids with all your heart and soul. But never allow that love to blind you looking at your child honestly. Likely, Rivas didn't set out to kill his grandmother, or his mother. Likely, he lost his temper. But that is all it takes.

Drug addiction

Three boys had a rough life. They were aged 3,2, and 3 months. They were born addicted to methodone. Their mother 32-year-old Autum Skiles was addicted to Vicodin. She was attempting to get free of that addiction, by treatment with methodone. However, she became addicted to the methodone. Their father Jesus Flores was in jail, serving time for driving with a suspended license. So they were all living with Paul Laurence.

One day last week, police knocked on the door, they were looking Paul Laurence, as a part of an investigation for forgery. What they found in the home were the mother and the three children, wearing dirty diapers and surrounded by spoiled food. They filed charges of neglect on the mother.

After speaking with the mother’s relatives, they learned more about the mother and more charges were filed. Charges of baby selling.

It seems that the mother was making arrangements with 30-year-old Christopher Henson to buy her boys. Henson would pay for her methodone at the clinic, and Henson would take her kids. Henson was also charged, with child buying. According to Henson, he and his wife were unable to have children, and his wife was totally unaware of the purchase. Reportedly a fellow addict at the clinic had put Skiles into contact wtih Henson. Reportedly Henson was also heavily addicted to the drug.

Laurence was later arrested- accused of writing bad checks to a grocery store.

The local children’s services now have custody of the children, who have been placed with responsible family members. They decline to say if the agency had contact with the family in the past.

Methodone is a drug used to treat chronic pain, and in treating addiction to heroin and other legal or illegal drugs. It calms the craving for the drugs, but over time a person can become addicted to the methodone. According to Dr. Alan Schmetzer, addiction psychiatrist at the Midtown Community Mental Health Center in Indianapolis and a professor of psychiatry at the Indiana University School of Medicine at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

“If you’re addicted to opiates, they’re downers that are going to make you drowsy and less motivated, and would make it hard to keep up with things,” Schmetzer said. “If someone was actively using methadone, I’d be very concerned about their ability to take care of their children.”

He also said that he had never heard of a person who was addicted to methodone that tried to sell their kids.

I’m glad the kids are out of there. Drug addiction is powerful. People usually start out, using the drug recreationally. They don’t intend for it to take over their lives. But it can and does. Once the addiction is there, the drug becomes the most important thing in the persons life. More important than a job or a family. And while under the influence of a drug, that person is out of control. Sometimes it can lead them to violence, or to just being unable to cope with the world around them. And the money needed to care for a family, gets diverted to the drug of choice.