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Karen Goodspeed, 48 decided to leave her husband. She hired movers, and was all ready to go. The movers arrived on Thursday, and everything was moving along. The problem was her husband Victor Zavala, 42 showed up while the movers were there. He proceeded to lock the movers out of the apartment and he started in on his wife. The movers called 911. And so did Karen, as authorities report they got a call from a woman who was screaming in distress.

Before police arrived, Karen was stabbed multiple times, and later died in the hospital. Zavala has been charged with 1st degree murder.;bp=t

After the decision is made to leave, that time can be one of the most dangerous. I encourage anyone who is leaving an abusive or controlling spouse to make a plan. Before they try to leave. They should make contact wtih the local domestic violence agencies and see what resources might be available to them. See what arrangements can be made for an attorney. And if there is any possibility of any violence erupting, contact local law enforcement and let them know what you are about to do. Maybe even ask if it would be possible for them to be there while you get your things together (though I think that they might have a problem with having an officer there while a moving truck was being loaded, due to time constraints). DO NOT rely on the fact that other persons will be there when you leave. Sometimes that works, but tragically sometimes it doesn’t. There are a lot os links on the left, that talk about domestic violence, to help you learn and understand more about the problems and what to expect. Some of them also offer tips and suggestions on how to make yourself safe. I encourage everyone to check those out, as you never know if/when you might need the info, for yourself or someone dear to you.

For an abusive or controlling person, having their spouse leave can be the most dangerous time. They may try to cajole their way back with the spouse, but if it is apparent that won’t work, then they may think that more wiolence will work.

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