82 is a lonely age. By that time you have buried most of your friends and relatives. No one else carries the memories you do, you probably don’t work, and the main object of your time is getting through each day in a body that increasingly lets you down as it ages.

Sometimes men in this position will find a woman in need. If she seems to care, if they get along it can beat living alone and means you have some company and some help getting through each day.

Maybe the woman has some challenges, but she makes you feel needed, she provides care and it beats being alone. For the woman, she also feels needed and more worthwhile, her immediate needs are met and maybe she does actually come to care.

Fred Stetler, 82 and Soimene Saintine, 43 had lived together for some time. We know that by following the arrest records. In 1996 and in 2001 Stetler testified against Saintine in domestic violence related cases. In the 2001 case Saintine was determined incompetent to stand trial. Neighbors say that she took medications for a mental disorder. She was arrested 5 times in 2004 for drug related charges. Deputies had been called to their address several times on domestic related disputes.

On Tuesday a woman called 911 and told a dispatcher that she had just gotten a call from a friend who had told her that he had shot his girlfriend and was planning to shoot himself.

Police rushed to the address, with guns drawn, and found both Stetler and Saintine dead. It is believed to have been a murder/suicide.

According to one of the businesses nearby, more than a dozen police had gone running through the neighborhood, some with guns drawn.

Now I am not going to comment on the issue of police running through the neighborhood with weapons drawn, when the call they recieved said that the shooting was in a home.

But I am going to say this. If you think that domestic violence is a private problem, then think what could have happened if there had been someone else innocently out in the neighborhood wrong place, wrong time. Chilling thought isn’t it?


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  1. Todd said,

    January 23, 2010 at 2:05 am

    What you don’t know is that Fred purchased Soimene from someone and held her as property for years. When her mental illness, because of years of abuse, presented itself…. he killed her and killed himself. Still feel sorry for Fred?

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