Totally incomprehensible

There are times when a family unit is under stress, and often that can and does lead to domestic violence. Some of the most common triggers are financial problems, a pregnancy, or at the time of a split up. There are others of course, but those are the most common I have seen.

Still, even an understanding of that doesn’t explain this one.  The couple had been together about a year and had made a decision to split up. From all reports the splitup was amicable and the woman was planning to help the man move his belongings out.

The female had been out and returned home about 3 am. She found the doors locked, and went to her 17 year old son’s window. She saw him lying on the floor, and went to the back of the house where she found the 34 year old boyfriend had hung himself.

Police are calling this a definite murder suicide, and haven’t identified the individuals in the case as yet. Police say the boy was beaten with a hammer.  No motive for the crime is known.

The mother had to be hospitalized for shock.

When a relationship goes bad, you know there may be problems. But you anticipate the problems as being between the participants in the relationship. But this breakup appeared to be amicable. And it doesn’t appear that the woman was targeted, it was her son. I just don’t understand.

Police seem pretty confident it was a murder suicide, so I suspect that there may have been a note or something. There is mention that the boyfriend hung himself, so I would suspect that he killed the teen. I hope that before he died, he at least had the decency to leave the mother some indication as to why he did what he did. It won’t change anything, but after your world collapses, people tend to need answers to questions. After all, it is all they have left.


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  1. MissLisa said,

    March 19, 2006 at 5:57 pm

    So sad. When will cowards stop taking others out with them? Ugh.

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