Every parents pride and joy, and often one of the greatest sources of fear and frustration. If you have ever had a 6 year old kid, you know. Full of curiosity, questions, and lots of imagination. Starting to feel that pull between home and independence, they often start showing the influence of other kids, other parents and even the teacher. No longer babies, and they definitely show they have their own minds and opinions. Yet they are so cute when they are asleep.

They can be a handful. One 45 year old man, was evidently either frustrated at losing the battle, or thought he had hit on some new behaviorial technique. The article isn’t naming the man.

He has been arrested for using a dog shock collar on his two 6 year old boys.  The boys have been interviewed and there is no indication that he ever attached the collar to the boys neck. He evidently attached the collar to their legs or arms and touched it with a probe to deliver a mild shock. The children are ok and have been placed with other family members.

I want to quote the article, here as Utah Department of Human Services spokeswoman Carol Sisco put it much better than I ever can:

Parents need to think before they discipline. “Try to always remember that this child needs guidance, protection and someone to show them the way. To us, discipline means guidance, working with children on their strengths or showing them that some things could be done differently.”,1249,635192686,00.html

I hope this Dad is listening.

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