I don’t remember

I have heard this before. I don’t remember. I don’t know if I believe it or not.

David Zacher, 35 doesn’t deny killing his wife and his 4 year old daughter, and wounding his 2 year old son. He just says he doesn’t remember it.

Zacher called police in April 2005, and told the dispatcher
“I’ve just hurt my family … I’m so sorry.” He states that he and his wife were arguing, and that his wife slapped his face. He stated the next thing he knew, his family were lying on the kitchen floor around him and he doesn’t remember the attack. Karelin Zacher, 34, was killed and their daughter, Halle Zacher, 4 also died. Elizabeth Zacher, now 3, was wounded.

Zacher was convicted Sat. of first degree murder and first degree assault. He faces a mandatory sentence of mimimal 20 years to life. The jury rejected his insanity defense.

Elizabeth is now 3. Not only has she likely had trouble understanding why her mother and sister are gone. She possibly remembers all too well the last time she saw her father. Stop and think for a moment of how many times she will hear stories from her friends about their parents. How many times she will fill out papers in her lifetime which asks for info about her parents. How many times she will be asked the question as to why she doesn’t live with her parents?

And her last memory of her family is of her parents arguing, her father killing her mother and her sister and of her own father stabbing her. The legacy her father left her, was the loss of her mother and her sister. And a lifetime of bad memories. She is only 3. The details may be forgotten. But the legacy will always remain with her.


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  1. James Nesbitt said,

    May 24, 2010 at 3:57 pm

    I was one of the medics on this scene and I just so happened to live in the same area as where this happened. I was also one of the medics that took care of her. It was a persons worse nightmare. I just hope she doesn’t remeber any of this. She is a very sweet girl along with her sister. I can’t imagine what she is going thru and what her family went thru. I just wish when people have disputes with family members they leave the kids alone. The worse thing is just like what you have said. She will never have her mom, dad, or sister with her again and she will miss out in all that.

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