Tangela Monique Johnson admitted to the court that she killed her boyfriend and that she burned his remains. But she stated it was self defense.

She stated that she and her 46-year-old paraplegic, double amputee, boyfriend Gaylord Artis, were arguing. She stated that he was holding a gun when she kicked him unconscious. She stated she then placed him in the trunk of a vehicle, where he later suffocated. Prosecutors say that he had 10 broken ribs, and that he actually died of carbon monoxide produced by the vehicle’s exhaust.  Then the next day, she attempted to burn his remains by throwing them onto a trash fire. .

The jury actually aquitted her on the 1st and 2nd degree murder charge, and convicted her of manslaughter. After hearing of her criminal history of a record of convictions for aggravated assault, residential burglary and second-degree battery, the jury recommended a sentence of 20 years in prison, which is the maximum for that charge.


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