This one is bad, and will probably get worse

This one is so bad, I don’t even know how to write it. Randall (Randy) Balch, 33, walked into the police station yesterday to report the woman he lived with was dead, and where she could be found. No information as to the woman’s idenity or cause of death has been released as yet, they are pending notification of relatives and the results of the autopsy. No charges have been filed against Balch in regards to the death as yet, as the cause of the death will likely have an affect on that.

Balch has been arrested though and charges filed against him. When police went to the home to look for the body, they found a teenage girl who had lived in the home with Balch and the woman. After an interview with her, police filed charges of first-degree sodomy, sexual abuse and unlawful imprisonment. The victim in those charges was the teen.

I cannot even fathom what led up to this tragedy. I cannot fathom what this child has gone through. I don’t how long whatever happened went on, and I can only begin to imagine the horror that she went through, or what happened with the woman who died. Likely more info will become available today. All I know is that whatever I am able to imagine in this one, probably doesn’t even touch what this child has gone through.

The woman who died was Balch’s 50 year old girlfriend. The teen who also lived in the home was also injured.

The teen is 14 years old, and the physical injuries she recieved were minor.

Possibly there was someone else injured, two people with minor injuries?  The 50 year old woman was shot.

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