Babies are miniature people

Sometimes mistakes happen. People are human, and no human is perfect. Sometimes accidents happen. The only thing to do after a mistake or accident happens is to take responsibility, correct as much as possible, and then go on with your life.

But what happens if that “mistake/error” is another life? People do get pregnant, sometimes by acting irresponsibly, sometimes through freak accidents, and sometimes through no fault of their own (rape, incest victims).

If a person has an unwanted pregnancy, there are ways this can be handled. Abortion is legal in the US. There is adoption. And most states even have a process where new mothers can “abandon” their newborn infants and do so with no questions asked and no hassles. The law is sometimes called the Baby Moses law, sometimes it is the Good Sheperd law, and sometimes it is the Safe Haven law. California has such a law. If a mother wishes to give up her child with no hassles or threat of prosecution, all she has to do is take the child to a hospital or fire station within 3 days of the birth and leave it. It is that simple.

On Sun. in Alhambra, Calif. railroad employees found the remains of a human infant. The spot where the remains were found is within a half mile of a fire house, and within a mile of a hospital.

The baby was apparently born alive. The umbilical cord was still attached. The baby is thought to be either white or hispanic. The baby was found inside two white Albertson’s plastic shopping bags, with a Christmas design.

Police believe the baby was tossed over a fence near the tracks, and it landed approximately 40 ft below street level, down an embankment. The case is being investigated as a homicide.

I can understand an unwanted pregnancy. But I cannot understand why a mother would choose to throw away her child. And they are children. They aren’t “fetuses”. They aren’t random pieces of protoplasms. They are miniature human beings. Miniature little personalities. Shortly after birth, a baby will have its first interaction with another person when it registers the touch of someone. Soon it will have its second interaction by trying to focus it’s eyes on someone, usually the mother. Babies already have their own personalities at birth. Some are active, some are quiet, some are snugglers, some are sleepers. But they are all somewhat different, unique.

Tossing a baby into a trash heap or tossing it over a fence like a piece of litter, my first thought is to wonder why the mother has such contempt for her baby. But when I think of the the Safe Haven law, I wonder if it is the baby that the mother had so much contempt for, or is it herself? After all, she could easily get rid of the baby at no cost or hassle to herself. But the way she chose to get rid of the baby was in a way that was guaranteed to get her in trouble if she was caught.  So was the baby thrown away, because it was a part of herself? And the way she chose to discard the baby a way to punish herself? I don’t know. But looks as though that is how it is going to work out.


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  1. Jen said,

    March 18, 2006 at 4:56 pm

    This story just makes me sick to my stomach. I believe mothers like this should be automatically given the death penalty because there is NO EXCUSE for this sickening act.

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