Babies are not sex toys!

Henry Anthony Sunderman, 32, was caring for his 7 month old niece, as well as her 7 year old sister and her 5 and 2 year old sisters while their mother worked. He called 911 on Friday morning. His 7 month old niece Zoey Sunderman was unresponsive. They took her to the hospital where she later died.

Police interviewed Sunderman at his home, and then arrested him. He has been charged with the rape and murder of the 7 month old baby. He is on suicide watch in the jail.

Details of the autopsy have not been released.

7 months old. At that age a baby smiles, jabbers, and crawls. It may have a couple of teeth, wears a diaper, and needs to be fed.

They say that with most sex offenders, the issue is not really a matter of sexual attraction. It is a desire for control and domination and a release for rage and frustration. But it completely escapes me how a man can look at a baby and even think of sexually assaulting it!

The article doesn’t say what is happening with the 7 year old brother, the 5 and 2 year old sisters. I am sure they have been examined for signs of abuse by now. It doesn’t say where they are now, so I would presume to say they are back with their mother. She was at work, there is no indication that she was aware that anything was happening with her children. Although Sunderman had a criminal history including domestic violence, there were no sex offenses. So it is very possible that she was not aware of the danger the children were in when she left them with their paternal uncle. She has lost her youngest child. Her husband is in jail, and will not be available to her for support. The children have lost their sibling. And likely at least the 7 year old will have some beginning awareness of what death means. And at that age, they will often take on undeserved guilt feelings for events that occur. Big brothers often feeling a distainful protectiveness for younger siblings. So he especially is going to be emotionally vulnerable, over things he can barely understand.

And me personally, I just don’t understand.