On the witness stand

16 year old Joshua Osborne took the stand yesterday. He admtted that he frequently got in trouble at school for cursing and fighting. He admitted that he loved his father, but not so much his stepmother. As a matter of fact he admitted to trying to kill his stepmother on previous occasions.

Joshua is not on trial. He is testifying for the prosecution in the trial against his stepmother and his father. They are accused of aggravated child neglect.

At the time of the inital investigation in Sept. 2004, 15 year old Joshua weighed 50 lbs. He told investigators and the court that he was chained to his bed at night. A fact that defense attornies pointed out was a result of him trying to kill his stepmother. He told that he was sometimes made to sleep on the floor and was sometimes made to wear a diaper. He was only fed soup. Unless he cleaned the house really good, then he was given real food. He testified that sometimes he would escape at night, trying to get to the kitchen to find some poptarts and bologna. Sometimes he said he walked to a nearby Walmart where he shoplifted food. He said that sometimes his father did sneak him some sandwiches, but that he had to eat them in secret so his stepmother wouldn’t find out.

Since being removed from the home in Sept. 2004 Joshua has almost doubled his weight. Joshua has not had an easy life. At the age of 2 weeks, he required a heart transplant. Doctors have testified that other than pneumonia which Joshua got soon after the investigation began, Joshua appeared to be skinny, but healthy with no further problems noted with his heart.




I really don’t know of anything more I can say about this one. It sort of speaks for itself.


Children having children

Police were called to the home of Sabrina Soltis, 20, and her boyfriend Rodney Cole, 19, on Wed. due to a domestic disturbance call. Apparently, the dispute was about the baby. The mother wanted to take the baby to the hospital due to bruising around it’s eyes, but Cole didn’t want to as he knew he may have caused the bruising. During the call, one of the officers noted that the 5 month old child’s eyes appeared red so the child was taken to the hospital for examination. There doctors found several factures on his ribs, arms, and femur. The fractures were thought to have occurred in the last month.

During questioning, the boyfriend admitted that when the baby was crying he would roughhouse with it, to stop the crying. The mother said she would squeeze him to get him to stop crying. Both the mother and the boyfriend were thought to have held the baby’s head under water to stop him from crying.



The police department puts the blame on the fact that the couple was young and immature and didn’t know how to nuture a child.  But I think it is more than that. Most people have realized by the age of 19 and 20, that causing pain is not the way to get someone to stop crying. I don’t believe all the injuries were unintentional.

The baby remains in the hosp. and is in the temporary custody of the children’s protective services. The baby’s maternal grandparents have come from out of state to see if they can get custody of the baby.

Now a lot of people will try to blame everyone. The mother for inflicting pain and not stopping the boyfriend. The boyfriend for inflicting injuries and not wanting to take the child to the hospital. I have even seen people blame the grandparents for raising such a child as the parent.

But one person you won’t hear a lot about is the father. He remains out of state. There is no indication that the father ever abused the child. Yet he isn’t stepping forward now. That would lead me to believe that he hasn’t been too involved in the child’s life. Too me, he is just as guilty as the mother. No he may not have witnessed any abuse. But by not staying in contact with the child, he increases the risk of abuse for the child. And even after the fact, you don’t see him stepping up to be a Dad.

What a man!

Keyonia R. Dunn, 20, was the mother of a 2 year old, and was pregnant again. Erika L. Thornton, 31, resided in the same apartment, and was the mother of 3.

Last month two men shot and killed them, and also shot the two year old boy in the neck and a 5 year old boy three times in the abdomen. After the shooting, some of the injured children were found wandering around outside, wearing only their underwear. All of the children are now recovering from their injuries.

Police have arrested Royal Amos, 26, and Howard Harris, 22, for the murders. They had been waiting on some DNA evidence, and it has now been processed and shows that Dunn’s blood was found on Amos’ jacket.

Police have said that Dunn was Amos’s girlfriend and he was angry about the pregnancy. They also say that Amos had been slapping her around and stealing her welfare checks and that he had threatened to shoot her. 

 No motive has been established for Harris. Prosecutor’s are charging both with equal charges, as they say they acted in concert in committing the crime.


Now I don’t know if Amos just didn’t want to have to hide from the courts so he didn’t have to pay child support, or if he just didn’t think that Dunn was “fine” enough to carry his child. But there are couple of things I would like to point out here……the “welfare money” he stole from Dunn, was given to her to aid her in caring for her children, so by stealing it, Amos was in effect stealing from babies. And this “fine” man who was too good to get a job, had to get a friend to help him murder two unarmed mothers and some little kids. And he still didn’t do a very good job at that since the children lived, thank God.