Let’s take a bit of a detour

We are going to revisit an older case. Martin Miller was a church leader and a Christian school board memeber. And he was convicted in 2005 of killing his wife, Mary Miller in 2004 so that he would be free to pursue other women.

Martin was sentenced to prison, and is expected to be incarcerated until 2030, barring winning a conviction being overturned.  

Before killing his wife, Miller was seeing a woman from his church, after being charged with murder that relationship broke up. Miller began seeing Laura Cuthbertson from a different church, who said their relationship included roleplay, bondage, and some bible study.

Now why in the world would I want to bring up that old case?

I just thought you might like to know, that Miller and  Cuthbertson will be getting married in prison this Sat.


I’m trying to think of an appropriate wedding gift.