An argument doesn’t end with a murder

Police investigating a single car accident on Sun. found 21 year old Yvette Monik dead in the vehicle.

Later that day, police recieved a call which stated that Yvette’s ex boyfriend had been firing at the car. Subsequently, a bullet wound was found in Ms. Monik’s head. An autopsy is planned.

The ex boyfriend held police off for 3 hours at his uncle’s apartment, but was subsequently arrested and charged with murder.

Some people seem to think that a bullet is the ultimate last word in any argument. But what they forget, is the final effect of the  bullet. Not only does it have a major effect on the victim, but it has a major effect on the shooter also. A bullet does not silence a victim. The victim will speak, through her families eyes, through the courts and through the years behind bars.

However, the shooters voice becomes smaller, and much less effective. Alive and living in a world that no longer listens.

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