Why the children?

Gilberto Miranda Cuellar had a history of menancing behavior toward his family, including threats to kill himself. According to a friend he didn’t like his wife Olga Miranda talking to other people, and he didn’t like her working. He took her earnings from her.

On Fri. before 10 pm Cuellar reportedly called a friend and told her to take care of his wife. A short time later, Olga called from her job and said there was something wrong at home.

Late Fri. firefighters were called to a burning home. Inside they found the bodies of two children. John Charles Miranda, 5, and his sister, Misarachi Carolina Miranda, 8, had each been shot. Hours later, they were called to assist an injured person several miles from the home. There they found Gilberto. They have declined to say what type of injuries he had, but he is in the hospital in critical condition.



Though the problem may be primarily between a couple, too many times they kids get involved. Not through their own actions but instead at the hands of a parent.




A judge has ordered Cuellar moved to a state hospital after being advised by jail officials that he was suicidal and psychotic. It is interesting to note that Cuellar is the second father accused of the murder of his children to be moved to a state hospital. David Crespi was moved to the hospital in Jan., on a similiar order after being charged with the murder of his 5 year old twins.