They were more than just a sentence

Yolanda Davis 44, was charged with murder in the stabbing death of Johnny Jackson, 55. It seems so simple doesn’t it? Reducing the lives of two people down to a single sentence. He is dead, she is arrested. She’ll go to court than it’s over, right?

These people had a past, a history. They lived lives with other people who will mourn what happened. They had a future, maybe together maybe serarately. But after one terrible moment, the path changed. For Johnny it ended.

Johnny Jackson was 55. At one time he lived a life that others envied. Johnny Jackson was the drummer of the infamous band “The Jackson Five”. The drummer that at one point was thought to be a cousin of “the Jackson” family. Current articles still dispute that fact with some saying he is a cousin of the family, and some saying he isn’t.

Jackson grew up a block from the infamous “Jacksons”. He was known as a drumming prodigy before he even made it to high school. He went to play for the Jackson’s in 1967.

Recently, he was playing in Anthony Acoff’s band “White Dove”. Articles indicate that Jackson had a problem with alcohol, but that he had been better recently. Police indicated there was a history of violence between the couple.

 Police went to the home late Wed. night after recieving a report of a disturbance between the couple. Jackson was found unresponsive with a stab would to his chest. Davis was not on the scene Wed. but later turned herself in.

What exactly happened that night, who started the agrument, who was at fault…..I don’t know. And to be honest, I don’t know that it really matters. Because no matter how it began, no matter whose fault, it ended one way. One is dead, the other is looking at a trial and possible prison.