We remember the big stories

We remember the big stories. The ones about murder, rape, torture, and horrific abuse. But the little stories also get my attention.

Both Jeremy Robinson, 31, and and his girlfriend, Nicky N. Graham, 21, were arrested on misdemeanor charges of domestic battery on Feb. 15.

According the criminal complaint, Robinson says the arguement began when he recieved his copy of the Sports Illustrated magazine in the mail.

According to Graham, the argument began over the fact that Robinson wouldn’t get a job.

According to the report, Robinson’s shirt was torn and he had scratches on his chest. Graham admits to tearing his shirt and making the scratches. She says she did that, because his hands  were around her neck. She also alleges that Robinson pushed her against a wall.

When the officer asked Graham who the agressor was, she reportedly said both of them were.


This case will get argued out in court. And no matter what the charges, neither party will win. Both will now have a police record for violence.

But I would like to point out, that if Robinson did indeed put his hands around Graham’s neck, I can only think of one reason he would do so. For just the fleeting instant, I believe that he thought of doing serious harm. Yes, he stopped….this time. But unfortunately domestic violence tends to escalate over time. I hope that both Graham and Robinson think of that if they should ever consider getting back together. The charges could be much more serious the next time.

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