Pregnancy in a relationship often brings up a mixed bag of feelings. Fear, contentment,  hope, uncertainty, hesitancy, elation, responsibility, protectiveness, happiness, fatigue and a desire to flee are often somewhere in the mix in some degree.

It reminds me of a commercial I once saw, selling pregnancy tests. It showed a couple who were evidently waiting on the results of a home test. They were talking to each other about all the reasons that they wanted the baby. How they were ready, they would make it financially, it was time and they went on and on. You could just tell that they were trying to talk themselves into being happy about it.

Then they check the result and it was negative. Both take a deep breath, then look at each other. Both finally realized that each was relieved it was negative. Happy ending.

Unfortunately, life is not like TV. People don’t always get what they really wanted, and sometimes there aren’t any happy endings.

Amelia Sookdeo, 17, was reported missing by her mother on Feb. 25th after she had left the house by climbing out a window, without her parents knowlege.

Later that same day, the fire department was called to extinguish a car fire and noticed a small fire along side the road a short distance away from where the car was supposed to be.  The fire was on the body of a female who was burned beyond recognition. Duct tape and gloves were found at the scene. The remains were later identified as Amelia Sookdeo.

An investigation led the police to her ex boyfriend, Dane Abdool, 20, but he denied any involvment. Police confronted him with inconsistencies in his story. With the fact that tire marks found at the scene matched his vehicle.

Finally he confessed to investigators that he had met his ex girlfriend that night after she sneaked out of the window. He picked her up and took her to his apartment and then they left. While they were out, they began arguing. He drove to the scene, forced her to get out of the car, threw gasoline on her, lit it, and burned her alive. The gloves found at the scene matched gloves that Abdool would have had access to at his job.

But I think the most horrible part of this is the reason for the argument. Abdool told police that he and Sookdeo were arguing over her possible pregnancy and he was just trying to scare her. After the autopsy, the medical exaiminer reported there was no signs of pregnancy.

Maybe I wonder too much. I wonder if he normally carried his work gloves, duct tape and gasoline in his vehicle. I wonder just where they had to go, that meant they left the apartment, which conveniently made the murder scene somewhere else. And I wonder how do you grab gasoline, pour it on someone you had been intimate with, hold a source of ignition to it, and then walk away while she burns to death. And how you can then say later that you only meant to scare her.

The number one cause of death of a pregnant woman is homicide. He didn’t even wait to see if she was really pregnant.


This case is now in trial. The defense is stating that the death is accidental and the defendant was only trying to scare Amelia Sookdeo. Also that Abdool:

“He’s an adult by number but . . . the decisions he made weren’t very adult-like,” she said. “They weren’t good decisions.”



  1. Michelle R said,

    March 7, 2006 at 2:33 am

    She wasn’t even pregnant, she thought she was — It just causes you to think twice and evaluate your sexual partners before becoming intimate. The death is saddening and the crime is ridiculous. The death that hurts the most is a young person’s.

  2. Mariela C said,

    March 7, 2006 at 8:03 pm

    This story really hit home…Amelia was my daughter\’s friend and lived just down the street from us. She was the most considerate, sweet and beautiful girl that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She had a shyness about her and a smile that could light up a room. It breaks my heart to know the pain she suffered that night, the fear in her eyes, her cries, her pain…all at the hands of someone she trusted. She\’d been missing for almost a week and since the last place she was seen was her home, like her mother, we thought maybe she\’d just run away because there was no evidence of foul play in the home. Unfortunately, we heard, like everyone else, on the 11 o\’clock news. It was like watching something on TV that just wasn\’t real. How painful to think that such a sweet girl like Amelia had to suffer such a horrible experience that night! This did not have to happen, but I am certain by faith that as nothing in this life goes unpunished, Justice Will Prevail. Amelia did not deserve to suffer in any way, and although we were left with only the devistating news and images on TV, her beautiful smile and the memory of a life taken too soon is what will remain with us! This story is an eye opening for her friends and many teens out there. Not everythign that shines on the outside is gold. As a mother, and someone who knew her for a few years, it tears me up inside to know this is all very real. My heart and prayers go out to her mother, brother and their family!

  3. February 19, 2008 at 9:13 pm

    Post updated.

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