Abandoned baby

On Feb. 14, a dog was doing it’s thing and digging for whatever they dig for. What he found was decomposing baby’s body.

Investigators found the 20 year old woman who had given birth to the child. During the first investigations Chelcey Pollock said that the baby choked on it’s umbilical cord during it’s birth. Family and friends were not aware that she was pregnant.

Now she has confessed to investigators that the baby was born alive and died shortly after birth. She kept the baby with her, for approximately one day then decided she had to dispose of it. First she tried to incinerate it. When that didn’t work, then she buried it in a shallow grave on the property.

Autopsy results were not able to determine the cause of death. Pollock has not been arrested as yet. The case is being sent to the Grand Jury.


I did some checking around and it seems that Texas does have a “Baby Moses” law. It was enacted in 1999. That law provides for a safe way for a mother to leave her baby with a hospital or fire station medical technician and be able to avoid charges of abandonment. There is a similiar law in several states. I encourage all parents to find out if their state has such a law and get familiar with and to make sure their teens are made aware of the law. Often teens are the first, and sometimes the only ones to know if one of their classmates are pregnant.


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