Update and Alert

A few days ago I wrote about the story of Destin Perkins.

He was the 16 year old boy, who needed a kidney transplant. His father had been released from jail so that he could be tested to see if he could be eligible to donate one of his kidneys to his son. However, he absconded and is now on the loose. According to the U.S. Marshall’s office, he may be armed and dangerous.

Well, last night this blog got busy. I recieved a message from a reader. He was a father, and was distressed at the news that Destin’s father ran rather than go through the testing needed to save his son. A quote from this man “I am a father and would do anything for my children.”

He has offered to go thru the testing and see if he is a match to Destin, and see if he can donate one of his own kidneys. I have been in touch with him this morning, and he tells me that he has been in contact with the hospital. So the process has begun. And he generously gave me permission to announce this on the blog.

Josh Marshall, you are quickly becoming one of my heroes. You are an excellent example of a father. I hope your family is as proud of you as I am right now. Josh, I hope will keep us updated as to how things are going in the process. And Josh, thank you.

There may be family members reading here. If so, I hope you will feel free to let us know how Destin is doing.


U.S. Marshall’s have recieved a “solid lead” to Byron Perkins.

He was sighted in Mexico.











Perkins and Howard posed as tourists who had been robbed in Mexico, in order to get credit from area businesses. Now they have charges of theft against them in Mexico. Reportedly his family haven’t heard from him, and they are cooperating with authorities. A $25,000 reward is being offered for information leading to their arrest.







No sign of the father as yet, but Dustin has received some encouraging news. He is to go back to the hospital for more testing, but there is a possibility that his aunt may be a match and he may be able to get a kidney from her.



Byron Perkins has been dubbed the ‘Most Hated Man in America’. Perkins and Howard are now on the ’15 Most Wanted’ on the US Marshall’s list.



US Marshall’s say that there have been sightings of Byron Perkins in El Paso, Texas.



Destin Perkins got his kidney transplant! Not from his father, but from the donor program.



Abandoned baby

On Feb. 14, a dog was doing it’s thing and digging for whatever they dig for. What he found was decomposing baby’s body.

Investigators found the 20 year old woman who had given birth to the child. During the first investigations Chelcey Pollock said that the baby choked on it’s umbilical cord during it’s birth. Family and friends were not aware that she was pregnant.

Now she has confessed to investigators that the baby was born alive and died shortly after birth. She kept the baby with her, for approximately one day then decided she had to dispose of it. First she tried to incinerate it. When that didn’t work, then she buried it in a shallow grave on the property.

Autopsy results were not able to determine the cause of death. Pollock has not been arrested as yet. The case is being sent to the Grand Jury.


I did some checking around and it seems that Texas does have a “Baby Moses” law. It was enacted in 1999. That law provides for a safe way for a mother to leave her baby with a hospital or fire station medical technician and be able to avoid charges of abandonment. There is a similiar law in several states. I encourage all parents to find out if their state has such a law and get familiar with and to make sure their teens are made aware of the law. Often teens are the first, and sometimes the only ones to know if one of their classmates are pregnant.


Sometimes it is hard to say whose fault it is

Domestic violence is usually thought to be the fault of one person or the other. But sometimes it is hard to tell which is the guilty party. Sometimes the relationship is or becomes mutually violent.

On Tuesday police were called to a residence for a domestic dispute.

Melissa Fiorillo, 26 told police that she was sleeping and her boyfriend woke her up and asked her for some cash. When she refused, she stated that he then poured vodka on her and elbowed her in the neck and choked her. 

However, her boyfriend stated that they had been having financial troubles and that she had become angry when he came to bed with a beer. He stated that she picked up some tools and began throwing them at him, hitting  him in the hand with one of the tools which had a sharp tip. He stated he grabbed the tool from her, then left the house to call 911.

Fiorillo had small scratches on her hand and her neck was red, but not bruised. The boyfriend had a minor abrasion on his hand.

It should be noted that Fiorillo had recently lifted a restraining order against the boyfriend.

Fiorillo was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Her boyfriend will also be summoned to court.


Boy, am I glad I am not a police officer!

There must be a history of some type of violence in the relationship, and evidently it was serious enough that Fiorillo took out the restraining order against the boyfriend (the boyfriend was not named in this article, probably because he would be considered to be the victim of domestic violence). But, as often happens, she lifted the order. Just because he committed the violence in the past, does not mean that he was the only one to commit violence this time. One of the worst things about domestic violence cases, is that frequently one party will start something, then both will become violent. And sometimes it is hard to tell who started it. After that, either one or both could end up in jail. And that is something that anyone who is considering going back to an abusive partner should consider. It could become a lose-lose situation you might say.

Thanks to Trench at the News of Doom (http://newsofdoom.com/) for this one. And thanks to him for the two Nods of Doom in two days.