Sometimes it is the wife

I seldom have difficulty finding articles to write up for this blog. Every day, almost every city there will be an article about a family/home related crime. Many times it is blamed on the husband or boyfriend. But not always. Sometimes it is other family members. Sometimes it is a mother and the victim is a child. But sometimes it is a wife and the victim is her husband.

Shelli Rose Dewey and her husband 32 year old Steven Dewey went out to a bar one night in Sept 2004. Steven worked on a drill rig, and his wife would visit him on weekends. While they were out, an argument ensued.

Shelli later claimed to police that she didn’t know who stabbed her husband in the heart. But, they found the dagger under the seat of her husband’s truck.

Shelli Dewey has been convicted of 2 nd degree murder and was sentenced to two life sentences for the crime. She will not be eligible for parole for 20 years.

Now, all couple’s argue at times. And at times they can get pretty angry. But when the anger takes control, when instead of cursing and walking away or seeking a divorce, someone can be injured or killed, then someone will have to be held to justice. Likely Dewey may now feel the argument wasn’t worth killing over. Or that maybe she should have just gotten a divorce. However, it is too late for Stephen now. And too late for her.

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