He tried, and tried, and tried- 5 times

You remember the old saying “if at first you don’t succeed try, try again”? Well he tried, 5 times in all.

Robert Franklin Holcombe liked to spend money. And he liked to hang out at a local strip club. He had a regular table, and if anyone else sat there he would pay them about $100 to move. He was there enough that when he walked in, the batender would set a Miller Lite and double shot of Crown Royal whiskey on the bar.He liked to spread up to $10,000 on the table, so he would be sure to get the girl’s attentions.

Holcombe 6-foot-3, 350 pounds, who worked at a printing company wasn’t a rich man. But he did have an estimated $110,000 inheritance he recieved in 1998. When that ran out, he took out a several mortgages on his house in the amounts of $2,000 and $4,000 each. But he ran through that.

To add to his problems, he met a woman about June 2005. She was a 23 year old stripper from the club by the name of Misty. Now Misty wasn’t “cheap”. It cost Holcombe about $100 a meeting to meet with her privately. And Holcombe was paying between $700-800 a week for those meetings. Misty said they didn’t do anything much, maybe go through a drive thru for something to eat and they talked. She says she told him she had a boyfriend. And like he had told the other strippers, he told her that he was a widower and his wife had died of cancer. When asked if she would have met him without the money, she said no. But she said the private visits were easier than dancing naked. She eventually quit dancing at the club. It is estimated that those visits cost Holcombe about $25,305.

So now you see Holcombe’s dilemma. The pressure he was under as he was running out of money.

In Oct. of 2004 it was about 3 months after his 30th anniversary with his wife. He broke a line to the natural gas water heater and set a small fire. His wife smelled something burning and called the fire dept.

Another time, he backed his Ford Mustang in the garage and ran a hose from the tailpipe through a hole he had drilled into the bedroom. But after it ran for about 30 min. he went to the garage to check on the car and got dizzy and vomited. So that didn’t work.

Then he tried to poison her, once with Percocet, once with Benadryl.

Now Holcombe had a son. They spent a lot of time together, they had even been to the strip club together. Holcombe told his son several times that he would pay him if he would help in killing his mother, but the son didn’t take him seriously as he was usually drunk when he asked.

However, when he asked in Sept. 2005, the son went to the police. While wearing a wire, the son agreed to help his father and asked him about any other attempts. Holcombe said that he had never tried this method. Holcombe then laid out his plan for this time.

He was going to wrap his wife’s head in a towel, to contain the blood spatter and then he was going to hit her in the head. He needed his son to help him carry her to the stairs so that it would look like an accident. Police believe that if he had been successful, he would have gotten about $300,000 through life insurance and access to retirement money.

Apparently his wife was not aware of the previous attempts on her life. The son is heartbroken, he describes his relationship with his father as his “best friend” and says they were always together.

Holcombe pled guilty to 2 counts of two counts of aggravated assault and one count of solicitation to commit murder. He faces up to 6 yrs in prison.


I’m telling you, true crime is often stranger than any fiction ever written. And I am sorry for the family, as I know this had to have been a painful shock to them. So I will apolige in advance for what I am about to say.

But I wonder if he will be able to find someone to strip for him in prison?

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