Johnny and Lynn Marie Paddock, 45 had a biological child, but they adopted 6 more. They evidently lived on a farm, and the children were home-schooled.

Yeah, you guessed it. Sun. morning, police found 4 year old Sean Paddock lifeless in a bedroom of the home. Two of the other children (ages 8 and 9 years old) showed signs of severe bruising and told police that they had been beaten with a piece of plastic PVC pipe.

Lynn Paddock has been arrested on charges of 2nd degree murder and has also been charged with child abuse for the injuries of the other two children. The other children were removed from the home.

There have been several adoptive families in the news recently, due to varying degrees of child abuse. And there seems to be a common pattern.

Large families, home schooling, adoption. The only thing I am not seeing in this situation yet is the mention of an adoption subsidy. An adoption subsidy is financial assistance that is sometimes offered to families who adopt “special” needs children. That is for children who have physical or emotional needs who are going to need special care. Now I don’t have a problem with adoption subsidies per se. Most families wouldn’t be able to adopt the children, without some financial assistance. The cost of providing medical/psychiatric care can be astronomical and could prevent a child from being adopted, for that reason alone. But I think that maybe more attention needs to be paid to the families who are adopting large numbers of these children. And the fact that they are going to be home schooled, in other words somewhat isolated from the community, should also raise some red flags. And definately, when you get a combination of the three, maybe there needs to be more investigation.

Also, I wonder about the father. I would think that he would have been aware of the fact that at least three of the children had severe bruising.


I found an additional article on Lynn Paddock. It seems that 7 mos. before she and her husband adopted Sean and his two siblings, county social workers were called tto the home to investigate allegations of child abuse. And weeks before the children were placed in her home, a complaint was made to the children’s services that after a visit to her home, Sean had welts and bruises on his backside and legs.


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