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And we thought we knew her. I posted the other day about the little girl found in a dumpster in Las Vegas. She had been reported as being named Crystal Perez. I was reading at BeyondFrazzled ( http://beyondfrazzled.blogspot.com ) tonight and it seems that Crystal Perez is not her name. Perez was her mother’s name. The little girl’s name is Crystal Figueroa.

BeyondFrazzled also had some updates on the case, and they include new pictures of the little girl. Included in the update information is that Crystal’s sister is with her grandmother. Police say that Colon also had two children and they are working to ensure that they are safe.

My apologies to Crystal and to her family for getting the name wrong.

And thanks to Beyondfrazzled for picking up on that.


Crystal’s 7 year old sister and her grandmother Lila Perez along with 5 other family members were flown to Las Vegas to see the memorial site and where Crystal was found. The tickets were given to them free by an airline.

It seems that Crystal lived with her grandmother and other family members, and only recently went to live with her mother Gladys.

Colon, the boyfriend had a previous conviction on a child abuse charge, and had been dating Perez for about 4 months. Nothing is said in the article about how a man who was convicted of child abuse, could have his own two children in his care.



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  1. yesenia said,

    July 2, 2007 at 2:01 am

    rip crystal we relly miss u

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