Somebody loved her

Weeks ago, police in Las Vegas found the body of what appeared to be a 3 year old little girl in a trash dumpster. She appeared to have been badly beaten. Until recently, no one knew her name.

During the weeks since she has been found, law enforcement has been looking desperately for an identity for her. They reached out to the media, and tips have been flooding in from all over the country, trying to give her a name and an identity. Missing children’s databases from all over the country have been scoured. Nothing.

Meanwhile, a memorial begun where her remains were found kept growing.

The business community and individuals made sure there was a reward fund large enough to tempt tipsters to come forward. Still nothing. So when police had gotten every bit of forensic evidence from her remains that they could, she was released for burial. Citizens in the community made sure that she had what she needed by way of burial arrangements. And she was not alone when she was buried. Many people turned out for the funeral of Cordova Jane Doe. For that was the name they gave her, this unknown child. And people cried, for the loss of this unknown child, for the senselessness of what happened, for the fact that someone cared so little for her that they threw her away like she was garbage. After they stole her life. And she died in pain. The community loved her and mourned her and prayed over her.

And still the search went on for her identity.

After weeks went by, Gladys Perez went to her mother’s home for a visit. She had one child with her, but the other child was absent. Lila Perez, Gladys’ mother kept pressing her daughter about the child she was missing. Somehow Lila managed to see a picture of the little girl who was found. And she recognized her. And she recognized the jacket the little girl was wearing when she was found. Lila had bought it for the little girl.

Let’s stop and examine that for a moment. Lila had born this little girl, and raised her. And loved her. Now suddenly she was faced with the realization that her little girl, may have been the uncaring mother who had thrown her little girl away like a piece of garbage.

Lila managed to talk Gladys into turning herself into police. In Minnesota where Lila lived. When faced with her mother, Gladys told what happened.

She had been with a man called Anthony Colon. She and he, her two children and his two children had driven to Las Vegas to look for work and were staying at a budget motel there. Colon had evidently begun gambling, and had gambled away the money needed for the trip. They had argued.

Anthony Colon had beaten little Crystal. She had bruises on her face,  stomach, chest, back, and buttocks. After the beating, they didn’t take the child to the hospital, though she must have been in pain. The next morning according to Gladys, Crystal had been sick, had vomited and gone into spasms and she died.

Gladys had told police where to find Anthony Colon, now he is under arrest also. Both are awaiting extradition.

Now a grandmother, is left to face the horror of knowing that her little girl, threw away her own child. Left to mourn the loss of her grandchild. Left to worry about what will happen to the remaining child.

That child has lost it’s sibling, and has lived through a horror of it’s own. Now it has also lost it’s mother, to a trial and jail and prison.

Two other children have lost a father, and are likely worrying about what will happen to them. And they too lived through a horror.

A little girl who possibly would have grown up, maybe had friends and a family of her own, but likely would have lived in relative obscurity will be remembered by a community. And mourned.

And maybe, if everyone remembers this story, maybe Crystal can save another child. If you see or know of a child who is being abused, think of Crystal. And make a report. It only takes a few moments to kill a child. But if you remember Crystal, you might stop it from happening again.

It turns out that someone loved little Crystal after all. The grandmother deserves a lot of recognition  for what she did. She loved her enough in life to supply her with a jacket to keep her warm. And she loved her enough in death, to make her daughter turn herself in. I feel pretty certain she has shed a lot of tears.

Rest in peace Crystal Perez. We now know who you are.



“It’s pitiful,I thank God I’m still happy. You can’t take that from me. I’m still praying to my Lord and master. So to hell with you.”

That was Rodney William’s statement after being sentenced to 100 years in prison for sexually and physically abusing three young girls.  

William’s children Ryan and Q’Tasher will be going to trial in a few weeks.

The girl’s mother, Shirley Ann Holmes is still in jail. Because she testified against Williams and is pleading guilty the prosecution has reccommended that she be sentenced to three years probation.