Some times it takes a stranger to save a child

Two young children were heard screaming in a motel room on Feb. 14. Someone called the police. When they arrived they found a 6 year old little girl and her 18 month old cousin who had been beaten and burn with cigarettes and a lighter “all over their bodies”. Police have stated there is evidence that the 18 month old was beaten with an iron bar.

Terrance Jones the security guard who made the call described what he saw:

“I went into the hallway and saw this little girl who was beaten really bad.” Guests at the inn told jones they heard children screaming from inside one of the rooms. He soon knew why. Jones said she had, “Two black eyes, her lip was busted in and she said she had been burnt in the face, all over the face.”

Police arrested the little boy’s mother 22 year old Monique Waples and the children’s grandmother, 49 year-old Gloria Patterson. They have been charged with child abuse, cruelty to a child and child molestation.

The child molestation charge is a result of the police talking with the 6 year old child, who described in “graphic detail” that the grandmother had sex with auntie’s boyfriend in front of them.

In the room, police found a dog collar and leash. It is thought that they were used to tie the 18 month old up, as he had ligature marks on his neck.

Police described the group as vagabond’s who were using these children and three others for welfare fraud.

The boyfriend was located and he has also been charged with cruelty to a child, child abuse and child molestation.

Many times people think that child abuse or other crimes in the home are none of their business. Thank goodness the guest who notified the management of the motel, and the security guard realized that isn’t true. Children need the support and protection of parents. If parents won’t do that, or if they are the ones who are harming the child- it is up to strangers who come across the children  to step in.


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  1. Roxy said,

    February 24, 2006 at 8:14 pm

    When it comes to children, I think we are all responsible for them. While this is a truly sad story, I am so glad to hear that a stranger had enough compassion for these children she heard screaming and took action.

    Mrs. E

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