Special Alert: Please use your voice

In this country, we are lucky to have the right, the responsibility and the freedom to tell our government representitives what we think. There is a very important bill coming up for a vote soon. And it needs your support.

The Child Safety Act of 2005 H.B. 3132. It’s purpose is to protect our children by increasing criminal penalties against convicted child molestors as well as close loopholes in laws that allow child predators to go free. The following article outlines some of the items in the bill:

  • Improves Sex Offender Registration and Notification Program to ensure that sex offenders register, and keep current, where they reside, work and attend school  
  • Improves verification systems for sex offender information by requiring monthly verification, sex offender in-person verification every six months, and regular notarized verification mailings  
  • Requires States to have a uniform, public access sex offender registration website  
  • Creates Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website to search for sex offender information in each community  
  • Expands sex offenders to include juvenile sex offenders  
  • Requires States to notify each other when sex offender moves from one State to another  
  • Expands sex offenses covered by registration and notification requirements to include military, tribal, foreign, sex crimes, and increases duration of registration requirements to protect the public  
  • Expands community notification requirements to include active efforts to inform law enforcement agencies, schools, public housing, social service agencies and volunteer organizations in area where sex offender resides, works or attends school  
  • Creates new criminal penalty of mandatory minimum of 5 years to maximum of 20 years for sex offender who fails to comply with registration requirements  
  • Expands law enforcement use of DNA to solve sex crimes  
  • Prevents and deters violent crimes against children and sexual exploitation of children  
  • Protects foster children from sexual abuse and exploitation  
  • Increases criminal penalties against child sexual predators
  • http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/060222/20060222005778.html?.v=1


    Please join me in letting your elected officials know how you feel about this bill, and how you want them to vote. And ask that they provide any funding necessary to implement it. You do have a voice, and the children could sure use your support.

    If you wish to follow the progress of this bill, or any other bills being debated, you can use the following links.



    To view the actual act being considered:



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    1. Harding said,

      March 1, 2006 at 7:17 pm

      This looks like a huge step forward. I’d like to offer my support, but being Canadian am of no import to U.S. decision makers. However, you’ve inspired me to look into our current child safety legislation to see if we have anything comparable and as comprehensive.

      Thanks for posting this.


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